Friday, January 28, 2011

There's more FUN? WHAT?

Remember my intro post yesterday? You didn't read it? Uh...scroll down or click. Either way catch up K?
Anyway, I found yet another #NoGoBlissdom blog hop yesterday. Mainly because I read the ultra COOL @RobynsWorld. She went ahead and linked up.

I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday meeting new peeps and adding new peeps to my Twitter palz, I wanted to answer some questions today. What I'm gonna do this week. Or since it is Friday, What I did this week.

Wanna join? I'm sure Mom With A Minivan could use a few more link ups.
Here are the questions. There are 3 of them.

1. When did you start blogging and Why?
2. What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to Blissdom?
3. Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite.  (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see)

#1.Why did I start blogging? Because I LOVE people. I love friends. I love writing. I like connecting with other moms. Because I'm crazy. And above all else, I love you.
(How many times can I use the word love in this answer?) *sigh*

#2.  One thing I'm gonna do that is WAY cooler than Blissdom will ever be is I get to sit around in my blue fuzzy robe and tweet at all my beloved Twitter palz. And comment on your blogs. And write more funny stuff for YOU. Because of course, I love you.

Yes, this picture is mine. Do not steal. Thanks.

#3. My favorite? It was probably yesterday's post. <--Click there for my favorite post. I crack me up. And the rest of the Peanut gallery as well. Add your thoughts in the comments. M'kay?

I look forward to getting to know you. Really. Maybe we can meet at Blissdom some day.

That's all I got peeps. I posted on this really cool Twitter-a-holics blog yesterday too. Check it out. And check out my latest discussion on Blogfrog.
Have a happy weekend y'all. See you Monday. 


Garden of Egan said...

You are one tweetin' twitterin' bloghoppin' froggin' goofin' girl!

You take it to a new level!

Kerri said...

I have socks that match your robe and I'm wearing them right now!

Have a super weekend!!!

Arlee Bird said...

And coming up in April is another A to Z Blog Challenge. Be sure to check it out.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Lisa said...

Funny, I'm reading you in my robe, while you're writing in yours. It's like we're looking at the same moon. :)

From Tracie said...

I'm cuddled up in a polka dot blanket of happiness right now.

I'm not sure if that quite reaches the wonder that is Blissdom, but for my own mental sanity, I am willing to pretend that it does.

Rachel said...

Love. It. I am so not Blissdom material. I'm linking up. Truly enjoy your blog!

Cheeseboy said...

What about your blogging friend dad(s)? Maybe there is only one of us.

I'm not here to start a fight, but Diet Mt. Dew beats the Dr. any day.

I think I might have just started one.

Jill said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your bog title? Perfection.

Visiting you from the No-Go blog hop.

Megan said...

I'm hopping in on these parties late, but wanted to let you know I came by! Hope you had a nice non-conferencing weekend!

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