Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ew, What's that smell?

Yeah, I'm at it again. Cleaning up cat dukey. That and mopping up their messes. But believe me I think I never stopped. Cats. They are cute and adorable and everyone WANTS a kitten. Unless you are allergic. Then you are force to admire their beauty from afar.

Example 1: Fuzz. It all started with the cat on the left. She came crying and meowing at me because she was COLD and HUNGRY. I started the milk bowls. Then I bought some cat food.

THEN people started telling me she was pregnant. Nah, she is just getting fat.  Nope, I was wrong.

First set of kittens I kept one. Because I fell in love. My stupid heart.

Example 2: Mask. C'mon. Be honest. Wouldn't you fall in love with this kitten if it went to bed with you every night and slept by you?
Cue the "Aww's".

Example 3: Mask and her horniness. Mask grew up. Mask wanted to find a mate. She started peeing on our backpacks and our shoes to get out of the house. Finally, in a state of anger and madness I threw her out of the house. BUT she came back--and my heart let her back inside that day. And later, we found out the inevitable. Mask was pregnant.

*sigh* Approximately 60 weeks later we get these kittens.

They poop. They eat. they play. They rip up your girls headbands. If you don't watch them carefully, they might jump up and lick your plate from dinner. They throw up. But at the end of the day when all is said and done, they cuddle. They find your lap or your shoulder or your legs and curl up on you and sleep. That's when you know you are whipped. You have a great love for cats.

And by you, I mean me of course. I love cats. I just HATE to clean their litter box, mop around their litter box, feed them at 6AM 10AM 2PM 6PM 10PM. (Ok, so they like their wet food...) And perhaps some days I spoil them....Whatever.
I love these cats.

But their time is ending. I cannot feed ALL their faces anymore. They are 8 weeks. They might have 4 more weeks left. Then their NEW owners MUST pick them up.
Because sadly, I am having a wee bit of car trouble at the moment.

So I am feeling like this today.
I just want to scream. Because I can't get that dang cat poo smell out of my lungs.
Please excuse me as I inhale some Pine Sol cleaner. I'm off to mop around the litter box yet again. My nose has had enough.

I wish I could shut my heart off sometimes. It's too darn stinky to love a bunch of fur balls some days.


T said...

yeah, my stone cold heart doesn't have that problem...

From Tracie said...

You've been inhaling Pine Sol, huh? That could explain how you ended up with so many

I think we need to get you a stuffed animal type of cat. Or a pillow pet cat (do they make them in cat form?) something to cuddle that doesn't make messes/smells/stress.

singedwingangel said...

OH I hear ya and we have skimmed our lot down to 2.. 2 cats that cannot get pregnant and are litter box trained. Best litter around is the one in the green bag that looks like sand and has an orange smell. That stuff is the shiznit for controlling kitty odor

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love kitties but The TO is allergic and so is my youngest. Good thing it always gives me an excuse to say no. I couldn't handle all that cleaning. :(

Lisa said...

Oh, dang. Cat poo smell in the lungs? That right there would be a deal breaker. We have a snotty cat named Sassy. She's Siamese and rude. I think if I let you borrow her for a day, your love and affection for cats would be tamed and you could easily part with them. Let me know if you want me to send her out. :)

Patty Ann said...

I got all my animals fixed so that this is not a problem . I still have a litterbox though, but hey, at least I don't have more kittys!!

Jodene said...

Aah, I love my kitty, but she's still a little kitty ... so this scared me a little! Thanks ;-)

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