Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One major freakout all because of a cheeto.

Yes, that's what I said-- a freak out because of a hot and spicy cheeto. My daughter and I were challenging each other yesterday. I told her to shove a whole bunch of hot spicy cheetos in her mouth until it burned. Because I wanted to laugh. She wanted a challenge. She did. Honest.

She first wanted to taste a teaspoon of cinnamon straight up. (because of a similar challenge I took on--Although I used cinnamon and SUGAR.) That didn't happen.

Then we moved on to spicy cheetos.

Just watch.
No one was harmed during the video or after the video. My daughter still lives and breathes. Her back is not broken. She is not paralyzed. She just is really good at drama and screaming. I swear she is gonna make a wonderful actress one day.

C'mon we were having a food good time. Until the cheeto got inhaled up her nose.
LOL. You laughed. You thought it was funny. Admit it.
And I repeat, no one was hurt during the making of this video.

We will not repeating any such challenges in the future.
No more hot and spicy. My ears can't take it. ;)

I really like the ending where she admits she overreacted just a smidge.
Ya think?


Love and peace to you all.


The Empress said...

Oh, I love having fun with my kids. It reminds me of how I always love the first time my kids have a popsicle. Those eyes...with that icy cold!

Kids...oh, I just love having kids. Does she think this is funny now that she sees it?

singedwingangel said...

OH dear Lor dI thought she had really got that burn in her nose bad..Tell her I am gonna beat her for scaring an old woman like me with that scream lol

T said...

I've never understood why anyone would EVER eat hot and spicy cheetos in the first place - and now I'm convinced that I won't be trying them. my sinuses can't handle that :)

From Tracie said...


That was great.

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