Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remember the shrew?

Who knows? Maybe I secretly want to chop off all my neighbor's hair while she is sleeping?
LOL. I don't know. Google doesn't have the right picture for nasty jerk of a neighbor who all the sudden turns nice on me. *sigh* I may never win.
Remember the shrew? AKA: my next door neighbor. Well, uh, I've got something to confess. Lately, every time she sees me she has been smiling and waving hello. I don't know how to take this recent friendliness. Last summer, when I tried being friendly it backfired. (She told me I was soooo bad for leaving my 11 year old home alone with my other kids...Remember? Hint: click on link above to jog your memory. ;) And then, she didn't even apologize.
And now all the sudden she is waving hello to me at the bus stop and in passing when she is outside. I smile awkwardly, and turn away.

 Confession: I don't know what to do. I don't know if I want a friend like her.
One minute she is all nice with me, and the NEXT...she could be bit@#ing in my face.

I mean honestly, who wants a friend like that?

I don't know if we will ever be the BEST of friends...*Cue Fox and the Hound music* but I'll continue to smile and wave back.
But to what end people?
What is the shrew up to now?

Hmm...Perhaps I should stop calling her the shrew. What other name can I can I use then? ('Cause obviously real names are out.) Maybe I can call her Red. (After all she does have RED hair.) And a bad temper to boot so...Maybe BIG Red works. Ok. Big Red then.

Big Red=shrew.
Got it? Good.

*sigh* I got to get back to the mountain of dishes and crap on my bedroom floor. It is multiplying I'm sure as I type these words...
Love you peeps. Thanks for keeping it real in here.


Ruth said...

I like the name Red! Friendly is good. One does not have to be friends with someone to be friendly!

Debbie said...

Maybe Big Red has made a New Year's Resolution to try and be friendly to you...just smile and wave (fake it till you make it). You don't have to be her BEST friend, but if she is showing signs of cordiality that's a good thing, right?

From Tracie said...

I'm sure this is just a plan that Big Red has hatched in order to get close to you so that she can steal your diary or something. (clearly all my mean girl reference points are from middle school...)

I would smile, wave, and RUN AWAY! But that's just me.

Babes Mami said...

I like Big Red. Maybe she found out something terrible and has decided to be a good person?

Anonymous said...

Big Red sounds like a good choice. I would smile and wave but avoid getting too close to her. I don't trust her.

Cherie said...

You could always chuck a cupcake at her face! Kinda friendly in a cupcake happy sort of messy sweet
you are FREAKIN CRAZY kind of way. It could even be a red cupcake...just sayin!

T said...

shoot... don't make me feel bad about my dishes and the pile of crap on my floor :)

smile back - doesn't mean you need to exchange birthday gifts or "do lunch"... then when she goes all shrewish on you again you can just keep smiling - eventually one of you will move :)

DramaMama said...

Was clicking "next blog" and up you popped! Okay, get out of my head!!! lol My blog this morning was about neighbors. So when I read this one I cracked up!

Why'd you have to mention dishes, tho? Ugh! Now I feel like I have to go do something productive. Sigh...thanks a lot! :)p

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