Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Monday--I might be paranoid.

It's back.
Monday you see.
And today is normally the day I mingle with Speedy from EightyMPHmom.
Although today she hasn't mingled yet.
And I don't wanna mingle until she mingles...She is the host after all.
So I will post something else instead.
Am I paranoid?

Random Monday Thoughts:

Last night I dreamt that I was being robbed. The robbers were taking everything, my couch, my hubby's laptop, the food in my fridge, they said if I called the cops they'd shoot me.

In real life, someone would like to see one of the kitties I have to give away. He or she is coming by at 1 to see my cute kitties. In my dream last night, I dreamt that the person seeing the kitties is some psycho-killer and they are gonna kill me when they see me.

I think I might be paranoid. IF this is my last blog post I ever post because I am dead, feel free to honor my blog in any way you can. M'kay?

I think I won a FlipHD video camera.  I mean the wonderful blogger told me I won. I really did. I got sent something in the mail last week. It wasn't a video camera. it was this valet thingy supposedly makes your wireless internet go faster. But it doesn't capture video of myself. :( I want my Flip. I contacted her about it and I hope she is looking into having the company send me the right prize. Wish me luck. The blogger that said I won is a spectacular blogger and also very busy.

Yikes. Will I ever get my Flip HD?

I think that is about it.

I'm off to arm myself for this afternoon. Just in case the person picking the kitty up doesn't really want a kitty but wants to kill me instead. I think I just might be paranoid but you never know.

I hope he just wants a kitty. Kitties eat too dang much and I need to get rid of them.

Talk to you tomorrow. I hope.


singedwingangel said...

lmbo you so silly. Take the cat OUTSIDE when he shows up don't let them inside the house.. OOOH girl I would be ticked if i was told I won somethign then didn't get that..

Garden of Egan said...

OK, whatever scary shows you've been watching......stop it!

I hope you get that flip soon! You will wear the thing out!

Anonymous said...

You will love your Flip (when you get it). Hope it gets there soon!

Organic Meatbag said...

I mingled for the flavor of a Pringle!

From Tracie said...

oooh I hope your Flip comes home soon! :(

I'm going to echo Angel...take the kitty outside. Maybe your shrew will (yes I remember that you renamed her, but I don't remember the new name right now and I am too sleep deprived and lazy to go look it up, so for now she is still the shrew) watch you nosily and keep you safe. That would be shrew-ishly helpful, don't you think? I think so.

Cheeseboy said...

They should make a Flip HD that also shoots bullets. You could kill two birds with one stone and I hope it's just birds that are after you. Unless they are ostriches, killer, evil ostriches.

Momnerd said...

I hope you're okay! I have freaky dreams a lot. And I hope you get your camera! You deserve it, girl!!

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