Friday, January 14, 2011

What day is it again?

People tell me it is National DE-LURKER day today.
Are you a lurker?
Do you shamelessly stalk my blog and never leave a comment?
Well, reveal yourself now...
'Cause you kinda have to--Because today is a special holiday and all.
I will probably respond with a personal email just for you!
Either that or I'll comment on my blog in response to you!

Ok. Ready, GO!
Leave a comment in the space below. It can be as random as you want to make it.
Or as nonsensical as you want to make it.

This is THE Cluttered Brain's blog after all.
I'll get what you mean.
Chaos runs in my head 24/7.

P.S. And just in case you are wondering, I got my $55 GC to EdenFantasys c/o yesterday's post. Thanks for not ripping me a new hole for blogging about what goes on in the bedroom. After all, everyone has sex, right?
;) Love ya peeps!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you know I'm not a lurker! Hope you have a great weekend!

Ruth said...

Yes, I lurk on your blog and do not comment. Most of the time I lurk on your statuses and do not leave a comment. But I am watching you..praying for you, and hoping life eases up for you soon!

AJ said...

I am not a very good lurker... too opinionated.
Just sayin'.

I must agree with your last paragraph, because I mentioned it in my post yesterday... not your blog but sex. Wait. That didn't make sense.
Happy lurkers day! :)

singedwingangel said...

Well Lord have you EVER known me to just lurk??Seriously. If anything I am sure more would wish I lurked roflmbo

Wendy said...

Totally not a lurker but you know that!! Just letting you know I still read it!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

AlexEs! You, my dear, are a MESS! And that is just the way we like you! :)

Debbie said...

I'm definitely a lurker-but one who leaves comments :)

The Empress said...

Did I tell you this already? People can't comment via phone sometime, So they still read, but no comment.

Somehow, this knowledge makes me feel better. xo

How you?

Cherie said...

I'm half a lurker (wink) because I have commented before! And I follow you :-D
But who doesn't comment when a post ends with "everyone has sex right?" - Ha ha
If they are Luuccckkkeeeeee!!!

From Tracie said...

I don't think I could lurk even if I wanted would see me and find me (or send Nancy Grace after me) and that is the way I like it!!

Grats on the GC. That is awesome!

Patty Ann said...

Love it!

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