Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey YOU! Is it Tuesday already?

I'm baaack. Well for a little while anyway, I am currently using the Internet at my mother in law's again. Thank goodness for access to the Internet still. Whew. And thank goodness for my laptop.

So uh, yesterday was Monday. And I almost always mingle on Monday right? Well I recorded a mingle for you all. (It just took FOREVER to upload to the Internet.) Even though my hair is a mess and you didn't really get to see the boxes in my living room yet...(They are gone NOW by the way...) So enjoy.

And if you are still around I'll update you on my progess/job hunt. I checked up on my application at the local care center here. It's a good thing I did, because they lost my application!! They are still looking for CNA's...do hopefully my CNA application will stand out since I have 4 years experience and all. And I LOVE people. And I'm super friendly and bubbly....lol. I NEVER ever get mad...No never.
(Don't you dare talk to my husband now...)

Anyhoo, we are waiting for more money in order to set up Internet permanently at our place. I really ought to put a paypal donation thingamajig on my blog...DONATE please so I can connected to online once again. ( HAHA...right? I'll be on next month probably.)

Thanks for sticking around. I will continue to update at my mother in law's and McDonald's...and anywhere that has WI-FI. I really do appreciate you all who stop by and comment. I will try and return the comments soon on your blog as well! :)


Patty Ann said...

Good luck with the job hunting. I have also been a CNA in my life, and currently run on an Ambulance at night. I love it. I am good with people and love helping them. There is a real need for people like you out there.

Anonymous said...

It's probably good that you don't have internet right now. It leaves you lots of time to get unpacked, right?

Good luck with the job hunt (and the unpacking)!

Cheeseboy said...

Good luck with that job at the care center. You definitely deserve to get it. I'd want a cool gal like you looking after my Nanny.

Brittney said...

good luck with the job! cant believe they lost your app tho but all will work out in time :)

Garden of Egan said...

Good luck on the job!
AND the internet. Not sure which is more important.

T said...

it's gonna happen - everything is going to fall into place and be wonderful... soon!

they'll see that you were responsible enough to check back and say "That's our new CNA!"

From Tracie said...

They lost your application? Not cool! Good thing that you checked back!

Somehow, coming home and unpacking does not sound like very much fun. haha. Board games (is that how you spell it? bored? board? I need a dictionary!) are very fun.

PUGS! and WESTIES! those are my favorites. Westies have the added attraction of not making me sneeze.

The outside.....a field trip? Pretty couch!
I see trees, too!! Trees!

Karen Peterson said...

Good luck with the job search. There are few things in life more frustrating!

Debbie said...

Sorry this is super late-like by a week, but I wanted to tell you I'm glad you got moved safe and sound. Sorry you have no internet of your own though. I hope the finances look up soon.

And you have a much cleaner under the bed than me! At least if roll out, it won't cause brain damage.

Glad you got the job too (as I noticed on your FB page)

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