Friday, March 4, 2011

I am so stoked.

I had to get rid of my female felines for the move. Ya, it's an extra 300 bucks deposit to have pets.
My MIL is keeping my other 2 male kitties though.
This is a picture of Whiskers and Nutmeg.
And yes I have visitation

In case you haven't heard, I'm moving. No, not moving my blog...yet anyway...I'm moving in REAL life...
To another state even. (I live on the border of like 2 states, Arizona and Utah.) I'm moving to Utah.
Hubby has WAY MORE potential for jobs there than here.
Schools are a bit better.
And we can finally get on with our lives....

So if I comment on your blog's because I really really like you.
lol. I don't have Internet hooked up at yet at the new place so my Internet presence will be dicey for sure.
Our car is getting fixed at the shop so I can't even drive to the local library for free Wi-fi, to get my "fix" for the day. lol.

Just know I love you guys.
I will try and post my monday mingle still...every Monday.
And perhaps catch up on Wednesdays...
And who knows what will happen after that.
I'm trying to find a job so my my day blogging job is gonna be a night blogging job now....rofl.
I will NOT shut down this blog.
I will still post. I will make new friends and then beg borrow and plead them to let me use their internet for an hour or so....

Because I'm AWESOME like that.

So to sum up, Moving day is MONDAY. I know, can you believe it?
I bet you are SO EXCITED for me to shut up about this moving thing...huh?
I know, I know it is just the MOST exciting thing that is happening to me right now.
Then I will get a job...and that will be EXCITING.
Then I will win a Sony bloggie camera and a million dollars...
And I will gain 1000 more followers...
and none of you will leave me during my in and out bloggy appearances..
Because you all love me.

I know it.
It is felt in the comment section below.
I might make that chocolate frosting vlog soon...(Ya know for having 400 followers.)I better get cracking because after next week who knows when I will be able to gain access to the internet again? (Probably in April. Because I don't know if my husband can last too long without internet...)

But I will try to hunt out EVERY Wi-Fi place out.
Because I'm like that.
Love you peeps.


Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead.
Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!
Hope you find a great job and the kids settle into school!

Ruth said...

For a dollar, you can ride the bus to my house for internet use! I would even take you back home, oh wait, I am in search of a car...that is an interesting prospect...

Cheeseboy said...

Welcome back to the Beehive State of zion. The only true state. Not sure that some areas have internet access yet. Not even dial up.

Enjoy your move!

singedwingangel said...

Holy crap you better get internet ASAP I gotta have my Alexes fix dagnabbit. Good luck on the move and the job hun

gayle said...

Sounds like you are going to be really busy! Good luck moving!

Joanne said...

Don't worry, you won't lose me as a follower! I'm here for you! I'm so happy for you that the move is finally happening! I was in a similar situation about 6 months ago and when we moved, it was so nice to finally be getting on with my life. Good luck with everything!

Erin said...

I think McDonald's has free wi-fi :)

And how do you know Ruth? I guess if you live in our small town, everyone is connected to everybody else somehow...

From Tracie said...

While you still have internet,you have to look up all the places in the new town that have free wi-fi. I think you can get some time for free at a barnes and noble. Because I will be here......staring at the bubbled until you come back.

Love ya!! And I'm super excited for you.....great stuff is going to happen!

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