Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick and painless message to you ALL...:)

I'm baaaaaaaack! I told you I would be. I just had to wait for that money to come around....*sigh*
My first day orientation is tomorrow...tour of the facility...blahblahblah...learn who everyone is...I'm hoping it is paid....It's about 8:50 to 2 ish....And Youtube is uploading my monday mingle video you all get to see my cute face...haha.

I missed you all.
Thank you for sticking around.
I will continue to blog, make videos...and lick some frosting off my fingers while singing the ABC song. I hear I need to do that soon....
Moving bites. It is really really busy. But I will never leave you all.
My friends.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday on my FB page....I had a wonderful birthday, and my hubby is taking me out sometime this week. nomnomnom..Probably Mexican because I LOVE mexican food.

Oh ok. I'm done updating for now. I just wanted to say don't leave me yet ok?
I'm baaaack. And I'm not going anywhere. More updates this week for sure.


Joanne said...

I'm so glad everything is getting settled down for you. Good luck with your orientation! Happy birthday! (Sorry, I didn't know it was yesterday.) I look forward to seeing your Monday Mingle. I guess I should probably go film mine...

Lisa Brown said...

Oops! Happy b-day! I'm awful - I never pay attention to those on Facebook! Enjoy your dinner out! Mexican food is the BEST! And... who can complain about unlimited chps & salsa?!

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