Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have some interesting questions for ya---CHECK THEM OUT!

I watched some television last night. I had some interesting questions posed about my children.

What would you do if two of your children had leukemia and only one of them was well enough to be treated? How could you choose which one gets the treatment?

What about if your 15 year old daughter comes home pregnant and she wants to keep the baby and marry her boyfriend?

And here is the REAL kicker for me.

**What is you realized the one person that you could truly feel yourself with was right before your eyes the whole time? However the problem arises when that person you are in love with has a EX that you are best friends with? What would you do?**

I posed this other question on Facebook but I think it's a valid question.
If you are a surgeon and you operating on your patient, and that patient waked up during the middle of surgery, What would you do?

Perhaps I am stupid but I am going to answer the hardest question of all. (Well, the choice between who lives or dies when it comes to your kids is actually the hardest but i don't want to go there right now. It might break my heart.)

I starred the question I am going to answer.

If I found myself single again, obviously, and I noticed that a certain person in my life could be "the one" for me and it could be easy, and I was having a very rough job of making a a go out of "dating" I would probably go for it. I would take the opportunity I had been given and try and make a relationship out of it.

No, I would not forget that my best friend used to be married to him. It would be hard. I might lose a friend. But if she is truly my best friend, maybe she would understand me?

Really? I am really answering this hypothetical question? Why must I get so involved in the shows that I watch? Jeez.

I have actually never been in the situation before. Actually life stinks for both of the friends actually. Life is NOT fair. Life is hard. Sometimes we just have to give it all we got and hope we make out okay.

But seriously, what would you do in any of these situations? I don't think there is a clear cut answer for any of them. Any decision you make is gonna be hard.

But it does make for a good show to watch on TV.

Let's hope it just stays on the TV for now. I NEVER want to have to choose which one of my children is going to live. That would just break my heart.

And those are my Friday Thoughts. Thanks for listening.

Bonus points if you can name the shows I got these questions off of?
Anybody? :D


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm guessing that Grey's is one of them but I don't know for sure.

As for the questions, if the person I knew I was meant to be with--the person who really got me--I don't think I could give that up. At least, if it was my current love (my only love) I wouldn't let anything get in the way. I had life without him. I won't do it again.

singedwingangel said...

Private Practice and Grey's anatomy..
The perfect person. If it was truly over for my friends and they both simply wanted the other to be happy then I would go for it. But I would have to ensure my bff is okay with it...

Vodka Logic said...

I watched Private Practice too... I would never let my 15 yo get married. But lets hope I never have to decide

AJ said...

Weren't they so good last night?! I woke up thinking about them!

Lots of hard questions...
not going near the idea of sacrificing one child for the other.

I think the idea of the true love thing: I think that friendship is really important, but the romantic in me sees two people who are great friends who love each other and thinks, she just has to get over it and be with HIM!

Lee Family said...

Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.
The waking up in surgery thing actually happened to my brother. *yikes*

When I was watching private practice(and crying)I kept thinking, I could never make that decision. Such "really make you think" shows last night.

Unknown Mami said...

Great now I'm all involved in these hypothetical situations! If I fell in love with my friend's ex I would tell my friend and hope for the best, but I gotta follow my bliss.

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