Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tell the truth Thursday :)

I decided to hook up with the infamous Redhead Riter and join her meme for Thursday--Tell the truth Thursday.

The question this week is:
If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which would you choose?

Ahh. I would choose very wisely. I am hoping I can get a sweet deal of a housekeeper/masseuse. Ya know maybe there is someone out there that cleans house really well and gives massages after HE does my laundry.

On second thought, HE probably would end up being a SHE. 'Cause we all know men can't clean as well as women. So, I'll take the housekeeper--female and all.

I'll find myself a masseuse. Maybe on some fantastic cruise ship and some big and muscular man will rub me down with oil and massage my sore back.

Ahh. Nice.

I think I will go there right now.
Thank you beautiful maid. You have given me more time to write, get massages (hopefully), spend time with my children, and much much more!

You can reach me on this cruise ship if you need me.


Want to join? Hop on over to The Redhead Riter and linky up!


singedwingangel said...

Hye my hubby has OCD.. Now when you can get him to actually clean , it is all clean, just getting him started lol.. Iw ould take the masseuse.. yep yep

Miss Breeze said...

You crack me up!!! You said HE and I instantly thought of Matthew M. lol... I would totally take up the housekeeper, because I do enjoy cooking most of the time, although a break is good here and there.

Matty said...

HEY HEY HEY - - - - Men don't clean as well as women?!?! You haven't seen my wife clean the house! If I don't clean around here, it never gets done, and when she does do it, it looks like nothing was done. I should open up a male maid service and charge extra for cleaning topless.

As for the question, I would definitely take the cook.

Laura, Ben, and family said...

My husband is actually much better at cleaning the house than I am.

I think I'd choose the cook. I care about having decent food, and I'm not such a good cook. Maybe the secretary. Can I have a secretary that cooks and organizes?

nicóle said...

That sounds nice. I think I'll join in on the fun! :)

Unknown Mami said...

I think I would choose the housekeeper, but in the full sense of the word. Not just as a maid, but to keep all of the affairs of my home in order.

AJ said...

that's funny. My hubby is a much better house keeper than I am... when he does it.

He's much more detail oriented. I vacuum the living room... he gets all the cracks, crevices, moves the furniture... lol.

I would def. get the masseuse. It would be SO worth it!!

Mormon Surrogate said...

Ok dear, what is up with me and your page? I can only see part of your post. It's like it's aligned with the banner ad underneath.

:( WAH!

JamericanSpice said...

I want both cook and housekeeper!!! But yes I'd take the housekeeper too :)

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