Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm just wondering how you guys do it. . .

(Thanks Google for the image as always!)

Hi ya fellow bloggers and moms!
I've been thinking a lot about my own blog, comments, laundry, dishes, Twitter, prep for dinner, kids needing help with their homework, vlogging, commenting on OTHER blogs. . .

You catch my drift?

I am feeling somewhat overloaded. I realize I am still getting visitors but I think they are coming more in the form of lurking then commenting. I get that.
Jeez. I mean I don't have much time either.

I barely have time to come up with extraordinary posts half the time.

That's why I end up using memes. Memes are good, but sometimes I realize I am using memes as a crutch. I'm not even writing anymore. I started this blog to hone my creative writing skills. And I have ended up in meme land.

I love Monday Mingle. I won't be giving that up. I love Wordless Wednesday, nope not giving that up either. There is an interesting meme on Friday called Follow Friday I think I might try. (Kinda like on Twitter but in the blog world.)

So I have Mon, Wed AND Fri taken care of.

What about Tues and Thursday? They will be reserved for me and whatever I want to say on those days.

I feel like I am drowning in Blogland. I barely have time anymore (when I am being productive with my time) to comment on other blogs.

I will not give my blog up. I like the association. I like the people.

I like you. There I said it. I like you.

And obviously since you are here, you kinda like me too.

Admit it. You like my stuff.

Just leave me a comment and tell me I'm not alone. Let me know how you do it. How do you appear to stay on top of it all in Blogland and your house?

Even though blogging is fun, it IS hard to keep up with everything.

Have a wonderful Thursday! (Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! YAHOO! Finally.)


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

It's hard being a mom....

I go bonkers quite often. It's true.

singedwingangel said...

Ummm I do most of my stuff late at night.. when the kids are asleep and out of my hair. I also take time to do laundry , load the dishwasher adn stuff in between hopping blogs.. This is my adult conversation lol.

meredith* said...

I was just thinking about this last night (and I started my blog only like a minute ago). I already feel like I look at other peoples blog less now that I manage my own. I want to stay on top of it all and just get to know people and all that. How to find balance?!

Anonymous said...

It is hard especially when life takes over! You will find it, Im sure you will! I havent yet, but Im trying. When things get busy I just get so overloaded and its hard to comment and even read my favs! All I can do is apologize and promise to be better!

Matty said...

I have read posts like this one, and did one or two myself. I've come to the conclusion that we just do what we can, and that's it. If I have time to post, I post. If I have time to read and comment, I do. Sometimes I can get to it every day, and sometimes not. Sometimes there are posts I never read because I just don't have the time. Sometimes I read every post and comment on each one. It just all depends on life that day, that week, that month.

I've read it before and agree with it....."blogging is supposed to be FUN". When it becomes a chore, a task, with too much pressure, then it's no longer FUN. My feeling is we all worry about how many followers we have, and not wanting to lose any, and not wanting to offend or hurt anyone's feelings because we didn't read and comment on EVERY SINGLE post they wrote, and on and on and so forth. I have decided that blogging is FUN, and if I get to it, great....if not...oh well, and my readers just have to deal with it.

Remember, unless someone has no job and all the time in the world, we are all in the same blogging boat together.

Margaret said...

It is super hard to stay caught up in the blogging world. I am finding I am behind and not commenting a lot just so that I can get through all of the reading.

jenheadjen said...

So funny - I just wrote a similar post this (not quite as creative... mine was a touch more whiny, I must admit) just two nights ago. Maybe it's something in the air? You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed, and like others have said, I conclude that you just do the best you can, and try not to beat yourself up with you don't reach your goal. As Dori says in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming..." That's what I tell myself at least! Good luck hon!

jenheadjen said...

*sorry - that should be try not to beat yourself up *when* you don't reach your goal. lol. See. I'm living proof that sometimes it's impossible to get it all straight! ha!

Evonne said...

It is hard to stay on top of things. You are not alone in feeling like that. With my blog, I do posts at night. I read in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast. It's our quiet time.

I would love to post something everyday, but sometimes I just don't have the time. Or energy. When I have those moments when blogging feels like a chore, I take a break. I have enough real chores to do! Good luck!

Corrie said...

yeah I too am finding a balance between home life, volunteer life and net life difficult as well. I am hoping I will get to the point when I am done creating my blog and advertising for it blah blah blah just so I can solely work on the content lol

I read your blog, sorry I haven't posted - please keep writing :)

Erin said...

I used to comment on everyone's post, every time. Then I realized I was ignoring my kids more than I wanted to. There are SO many good blogs out there, and with 200 in my Google Reader, I certainly can't comment every single time. So I cut down the amount of blogs I read (I had over 300 at one time). I only comment when I have time. And I only post when I want to. It's still enjoyable; it just doesn't take over my life like it did once upon a time.

Good luck figuring out what works for you!

Patty Ann said...

I had a friend once whose favorite phrase was "all you can do, is all you can do!" I try to blog everyday, and I at least look at the ones I follow. I try and comment at least every couple of days because I know that it makes me feel like I am not all alone when someone comments on mine. But really, you do what you can and you do the best you can, and you don't worry about the rest.

Wendy said...

Basically I was feeling the same way, and decided that I would try and make that time for the "Blog land" junk in the evening after kids were in bed, or during their "quiet time". And as you know I don't post every day. Sometimes I post for a few days in a row, and then go for a few weeks not doing so. You just have to remember that you have a family, and responsibilities in the non-cyber world that come first before anything here... so just try your best to "balance" what time you do have, and schedule your day. Kind of how a teacher does with her/his class throughout the day.

And don't blog just for the comments... because then it makes the reason for your blog pointless. (okay maybe not, yeah definitely not pointless even if you do it for the comments) but don't feel bad if you aren't getting them either.

And of course, I like your stuff. That's a no brainer....he he.

Ms Bibi said...

It's so much fun, but it is also overwhelming at times.

I made myself little schedule. I am not allowed to spend more then 6 hours a day on my blogs. This includes writing, commenting, doing forums and all things networking.

It is working for me otherwise I could not do my mom's duties at all.

Jendi said...

You are not alone!
My two best tips - prioritize and focus.
Oh, and tell your husband that the house will be clean once the kids have left the nest. :)

Linda Ramos said...

I am drowning in this stuff.. twitter, blogging, homeschooling, reading blogs, reading emails, cleaning, dinners, family time.. slowly sinking here. I am also wanting to get into vlogging. I have been loving Sayitfacetoface but haven't had time to actually vlog.

I am so behind in all of this.. Somehow I am sure I will catch up.

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