Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I may be high right now.

Perhaps I will look like this in a few months.

Remember my last post? The one about our car's transmission breaking and all that needs to be paid besides the car? Well I got GOOD news!

*Insert a happy dance here* The place I interviewed with last week, Coral Desert, the one I mentioned before called me yesterday. They WANT me!!!!! So, I start June 8 (orientation) and I will get scheduled for shifts the following week I believe. *Also when they called to check up on my references at the U hospital I got an extra reference out of it. Another physical therapist said some good stuff about me as well! I was really well liked at the U, and the peeps still remember ME! *

Coral Desert is a physical rehabilitation facility for acute patients. *The facility does not accept long term care patients.* Patient come for rehab who have hip and knee surgeries, back surgeries... and so forth. There are 100% private rooms for the really is a nice facility. It's not in the same city where I am. It's about 45 minutes south of me. I'm okay with that though. It's worth the drive. Cuz when I am part time (part time hours first then they will give me full time) I will be working 12 hour shifts. They will probably have me orient both day and night shifts. And ultimately at first anyways, I will be working night shifts...6PM-6AM.

Not a problem for me. I have actually worked all shifts at the U of U hospital. All shifts are hard believe you me.

So, I'm somewhat on a high from yesterday. Things are working out. My husband and I are going car browsing today to see what we can find out about financing a car that runs and that is a decent payment each month.

We'll find something you'll see. And believe you me it will not be a mini van. Cuz their transmissions are always dying. Either that or they always are overheating.

Ryan Reynolds makes me happy as well.
Benjamin Bratt did make it all better for me.  *And Ryan Reynolds as well.* But most of all, my husband. The day the van broke, my husband brought me a dairy queen chocolate chip cookie dough stress reliever. nomnomnom. MY husband knows me all too well.

Ice cream can make it all better as well.

Oh and that prayer stuff in the end. Prayer works. And Vitamin B complex. You all should always take that vitamin. It relieves the nerves. It makes it so you don't cry all the time at your problems....

So that's my news. Also my father in law is working at getting me an airline ticket (he has lots of frequent flyer miles) and I will be able to see my brother get married.  So things in my life do seem to be working out after all.

Sometimes crying those tears helps.

Haha! Sometimes.

The money tree hasn't fallen from the sky yet though. I guess I will have to work hard for my money.
That's okay. I'll be all right.


singedwingangel said...

woohhoo congrats on the new job.. and I hope you find a decent car. You deserve it hun

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congratulations, Alexes! I knew God had your back! :)

Garden of Egan said...

Congratulations! One step closer!
Think of all the awesome things you're going to learn.

Happy for you!

Debbie said...

Ooh, Ooh, Child
Things are gonna get easier

Ooh Ooh Child
Things will be brighter!


Glad things are looking up. :D

Cluttered Brain said...

testing 1 2.
is the comment on blogger working today?

Cluttered Brain said...

I guess it is YAY!

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