Friday, May 13, 2011

MY head is a-swimming.

It's 6 AM here and my head is swimming with thoughts! I saw the movie Thor last night. Which by the way if you get a chance to see that movie just see it. It's unbelievable! Also the character who played Thor is hot hot hot....#justsayin.

*sigh* His abs are really ripped. And his armor and stuff...he even looks good in. Maybe I'm just a girl who loves costumes and super heroes....who knows?

Well, in other news, I've been busy searching for jobs and passing my resume around. In fact, another rehab facility called me yesterday. Well, actually they called my mother in law. (I might have passed a resume around with her cell number on it...oopsie.) Anyway, I'm calling them back in a couple of hours. I hope they want to interview me. It's actually competition for the place I'm working for right now. (But if they need a body to work full time, I'm going for them) It's a really nice place. Private rooms, a pool, nice dining's super nice. It looks a great place to work and to receive therapy. I have 1 more class for an associate's. Yeah, I could have my Associate in Applied Science by Spring 2012. BUT I have to re take all of the classes needed to get into a nursing program(pre- requisites and stuff)....since it has been more than years since I had the classes.

It's okay though. I'll be a RN someday. I won't give up. Perhaps Financial Aid will still loan me some money for some semesters. And I will get A's in those classes and perhaps I will get a scholarship.

I will NOT be a CNA for the rest of my life.

I am very excited for all of my possibilities and opportunities. So excited in fact, I don't want to sleep.
Thank you all for your support in me. It means so much.



Cheeseboy said...

You definitely made me NOT want to take my wife to see Thor.

That is awesome about the Associates. You'll be there in no time!

Debbie said...

I LOVE you attitude! Woot for you-you go girl- and all that jazz. You WILL succeed!

From Tracie said...

Everyone in my family has been wanting to see Thor.


That sounds like a really nice rehab facility.

Cluttered Brain said...

lol..haha. now THIS post is my latest post. That's funny...Scroll down for a more recent version of the post.

But I do love bLogger....

Daisygirl said...

Never give up!!! So proud of you chica!! And um ya Thor hot!

Brittney said...

you can do it :D
Hope you get the job of ur dreams

jules said...

Good luck on the job hunt! Nice abs on that Thor for sure!

Sandra said...

Hey! I only found out you were going into nursing when I read the comment you left on my blog! Go for it, do it, hang in there! I should be an RN by December 2012, but I'm doing my Bachelor of Nursing so it's a lot of time.
I laughed when I read that you had passed around a resume with your mother in law's cell number. Maybe she'll get an interview too!

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