Thursday, May 5, 2011

SURPRIZE!!! I'm still here...

Yeah, I saw how I spelled SURPRIZE...This morning consider this a little PRIZE in your inbox. I updated. I keep waffling back and forth should I update the blog or not? Cuz honestly it's like the same crap every day....Still looking for a FULL TIME job...I'm checking on a job I turned in an application for this morning.

I'm nervous they already have someone. And it's not me. Though it should be ME...I'm awesome.

I'm scared I won't find something. But you know what I do when I'm nervous and scared?
Prayer. I don't care what religion you are. Praying to a higher power works. It makes you feel better. And in this cold and dreary world believing in a higher power like God, gets me through the day.

If you don't have faith, then what do you have?

So I'm having a little more faith today mixed with hope.

And as for the weekend...I'll get through Saturday with Miss Bossypants. She's not that bad. I'm just really EXCITED to get working full time. I'm so ready. I hope sometime soon a future employer will see my resume and call me...and say, "Can we schedule an interview for this morning?"

That'd be awesome.

And I realize all my updates are...I'm looking for a job..this and that...I know BORING.....but that's what my life is right now.
And Dr. Pepper. And leftover Easter Peeps. And chocolate. And the occasional hot spicy cheeto.
And let's not forget the comedies on ABC...Cougar town, Modern Family, Happy Endings....

I'm here. And I'll comment on your blog. If you want. Leave me a comment and tell me to come on over.
Also, Beware of FB hoaxes and hackers...You cannot see your first FB status. I made that mistake 2 days ago.

It's time to walk my daughter halfway to school.
I'm off to have a GRRRREAT day. For reals.
Cuz that's how I roll.


Garden of Egan said...

You need to start school while you are waiting for a job.
It won't get easier.
(trust me, I was 33 when I started school and my 5th child was 6 weeks old.)

singedwingangel said...

OH hun I hear ya on the same stuff different day. That is my world. You should jump in the Proud Mommy moment carnival I think it is gonna be so much fun

Babes Mami said...

I am IN LOVE with Happy Endings! No one I know is watching it!

Also, keep strong on the job front!

TisforTonya said...

...I have been the world's worst blogger for the past two weeks...

haven't visited ANYONE... have barely eked out the required posts that Social Spark paid me to do...

my MayDay resolution was to be better... and it only took me 4 days to open the b'zillion windows required to visit... well at least a portion of the regular blogs... there'll always be more tomorrow :)

From Tracie said...

Prayer and Faith and Hope are beautiful things.

You can look at my blog with one picture post as the only thing I did this week as proof that NOTHING was happening in my life (also as proof that I was really busy....but I'm not sure what I was SO busy doing? It really confuses me.)

Facebook is out to get us. I'm pretty sure.

That job is coming. I believe it!

Cheeseboy said...

I do hope that you get that job. You deserve it.

And I am much more of a NBC comedy guy... my favorite is Parks & Rec, but I love the Office and 30 Rock too. Still love Modern Family though and I sometimes watch Cougartown because I've always had a thing for Courtney Cox and she is STILL hot!

Anonymous_X said...

All the best...and keep the faith!

Sandra said...

You're looking for a job. Dr. Pepper. And left over Easter Peeps. That right there my dear, is blog fodder!

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