Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crazy hair and a message for you! ;)

Not Your Average Teen
I know crazy huh? I am sure we all have attempted this hairstyle before. Cousin It fashioning the sunglasses...:D I do have a message though. I want you all to watch Oprah Winfrey today. Erin Merryn is going to be a guest. Erin has had to endure excruciating sexual abuse YET she is a survivor. She has written some books. She is AWESOME.
I just checked my Las Vegas Review Journal for Oprah's listing. The description of the show did not sound like Erin. Is it Wednesday? Did I screw up the day of the week again? *sigh* Is it Thursday? Am I going MAD? Insane even?
GOOD NEWS! I just checked and Erin indeed is gonna be ON Oprah--October 6, 2010. She must have several guests today or something. This is the description I read: One Mom: 2 personalities, Multiple personalities TODAY on the OPRAH show....
Anyway, watch Oprah today. You won't want to miss it. And have a fabulous Wednesday folks. 2 more days until the WEEKEND! YAY! ;)


An Imperfect Momma said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the heads up will go tape it now

Anonymous said...

I'm dvr'ing Oprah this season so I'll be sure to watch it.

Love ya, Cousin It!

From Tracie said...

Love that you are spreading the word about Erin's Oprah appearance!! <3

Your hair is cracking me up.

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