Monday, October 4, 2010

Go Team Cluttered! (spirit post) AND my favorite Monday mingle of course!

Not Your Average Teen
Hi folks! Did you miss me over the weekend? I haven't posted anything in three days. That is LIKE an eternity in blog world I know....;) BUT today is gonna be a great DAY! And all this week even. Have you heard about Brittany is doing? She is hosting a "Homecoming 2010." She wants us to show us our spirit. So without further's my "official" spirit post. (Details and such are on her blog.)
My team is Team Cluttered. If you haven't guessed that already.  The color are purple and blue and one of my team members drew a mascot for me even!
Aren't my team members so talented? :) I have a frog for a mascot. Yup. I LOVE it! I LOVE my Cluttered Team and I think it is about time you meet them. First there is Daughter 1. We'll call her "The artist." 
The artist is very cheerful most of the time and has MANY friends. I am so glad she on Team Cluttered. (She even likes to cheer too.) Maybe if you are lucky she will do a cheer for you guys later this week. The Artist likes to draw, dance and pick up boys. Yup, you heard me right. The artist has discovered boys. *sigh* Help me please!  Fortunately for me, the boys have been nice boys. Whew! I didn't know it started this young! She is 11 years old! ;)
Next we have "The one with her mouth full." Isn't she cute? Yeah, I think we'll call her Cutie-pie full mouth. ;) Cutie pie mouth LOVES to draw also, read, AND play with her friends. No, she hasn't discovered boys yet. Well, not to the extent The artist has discovered them anyway. ;) Cutie mouth loves chocolate and playing with her little sister Buppy-Fries.

Buppy Fries is NEXT. :) That's her with the crown. See? She already has a crown and I need one to match. Buppy loves to play and watch the Disney channel. She LOVES to talk to people as well! She also likes to play with her sister Cutie mouth most of the time. (Psst, when she is not picking on her.) She is as cute as could be, and is the tiniest member of Team Cluttered.
Next we have the adult members of Team Cluttered. On the left is Hardworking hubster and of course there is ME. The ONE with the Cluttered Brain. Hardworking hubster has been working 5-6 hours away from us to support us lately. He is one of my bestest friends. (Yes, bestest is a word in MY book.) I am glad we found each other and I hope someday we can finally go on that honeymoon of ours.
I am proud of my team because they are mine. They lift me up when I am down, especially the littlest, Buppy fries, she LOVES to hug and snuggle. RAH! RAH! RAH! Team Cluttered has the cutest kids...:)
Speaking of the crown, I'd like to tell you WHY I deserve such a crown. First and foremost, I have a cluttered brain. Yup, I do. I maintain house, play with my kiddos and I hide behind the door with a stick waiting for the boys to come calling for my 11 year old. Yeah, yeah I'm a protector. Wouldn't it just be so COOL if Team Cluttered won a crown? I've never been crowned homecoming queen before. I had very low self-esteem in high school and did NOT think I would amount to much in life. Now I have a fabulous husband and children, and a fabulous blog following..I feel on TOP of the world! And I have a week lined up very FUN spirit days...thanks to Brittany. (Yes, there will be vlogging.) So what do you say? Team Cluttered all the way, right? That's what I thought. Go Team Cluttered!
Monday Mingle time too!

See? I even did my hair for Spirit week? ;)
Woo to the HOO! I double dipped and got everything in today! On a Monday even. Whew! I'm tired. Time for a Dr. Pepper. A special thanks to Debbie from Musings in the key of D for providing the questions! Thanks Deb! Have a super week you guys!


T said...

haha - I need me a crown!!! I think I'd wear it while doing laundry, just because I could!

and seriously - even though permanent make-up is pretty basic and you can go more bold right on top - I'd go with the permanent hair removal EVERY time... my caterpillar eyebrows and the upper lip hair I've inherited from my Spanish ancestors would thank me!

From Tracie said...

I love your team mascot. Very cute!!

I am now expecting a cheerleading vlog. It is a necessity!

Have I told you that I love those glasses on you...they are so cute!

Dying hair is so much work. Ugh. I'm too lazy. I did it for a while (red) but eventually I couldn't take it anymore.

Look at you with your fancy color changing hair.

LOL!! I always type while I watch...and I already commented on the glasses before you brought them up. Hilarious!

Can you laser hair remove on your legs? Hmmmm interesting. I am a shaving slacker. This might be something I should look into.

Happy Monday to you!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go for the permanent hair removal. I don't wear that much makeup so I think it would look weird to have tattooed eyeliner.

PS Go Team Cluttered!

singedwingangel said...

Crap I forgot about this I will have to work on it later.. Love your team members.. and the crown is definitely a fit for you..

Erin said...

ok, first, the frog is FANTASTIC!

also, I happen to have a hair appt this week. what should I do? wanting something drastic, but i also don't want to regret it. lol.

p.s. i really really want laser hair removal for my brows, too! they feel like 2 giant caterpillars on my face.


Cori said...

Love this!!! Go Team cluttered!!!

Cheeseboy said...

This is a great idea. I know your husband is on your team, but can men participate?

Team Cluttered RULES! Best of luck.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Oh YES, Cheeseboy, boys can participate too...
Bloggers...You might look good in a crown too...Entertaining to say the least...;)

Debbie said...

THANKS for participating in Monday Mingle :) Good dying is a lot to keep up, especially by not turning your hair green. Also, LOVE Team Cluttered Brain!! Your pictures are a A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! Have a fantastic week my friend :)

Ruth said...

You are awesome!!!! I hope you have a good day tomorrow!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I can't figure out how to vote! HELP me and I will.
Cuz you know I lub you best!

Mormon Surrogate said...

I love your hair and crown!


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