Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Confessional with Glamazon!

Hey folks. It's been a while since I have confessed so I figured I owed you some confessions. So here it goes:
  • I confess that I am getting tired of this economy. It HAS to be easier to find a job. 
  • I also confess that I think I dream in songs. I always have a song in my head when I wake up.
  • I love blogging BUT haven't been around lately to comment on everyone's blogs. If you miss me, leave me a comment telling me to get my act together. Either that OR send me a tweet. I'll get to your blog eventually I promise.
  • I confess that Jessy Williams is so HAWT. Check out this picture and video clip of him with his shirt off. See what I mean?
  • Jessy with his shirt off. WATCH NOW! Then come back and comment on his yumminess!
  • Grey's Anatomy was AWESOME yesterday. Did you see it? You can also catch it on if you missed it!
  • I hate emptying the litterbox. I am like the only one who does it on a daily basis too. I think my family needs to get their act together.
  • Potty-training hasn't been that bad this week. Although, my potty-trainer in question still needs to "poo" in the potty. No accidents yet, but still no poo. I guess she is getting more prunes today. *sigh*
  • I can't believe I am ahead in the homecoming queen polls. *GASP* You all must REALLY want to see that creme pie smashed in my face. :) 
  • My cats poo and pee STINK. I am so glad I have candles to burn out their potty smell. (Maybe they need to learn to use the toilet.) *sigh*
  • I confess that I heart Twitter better than Facebook. (I still like Facebook but Twitter is where the party is.)
  • I confess I wish we had a little more income. I need to get the eyebrows done. I would like to get my hair done. I would like to go out with my husband on a date. I would like...(The list goes on an on.)
  • I confess I better end this soon before you all get bored and hop to another blog.
Those are my confessions this week. You want to hop on board? Click on over to Glamazon and link up your post today! And do NOT forget to vote for me! Today is the LAST day!


Mamarazzi said...

ugh the litter box is the bane of my exisitence.

one time i was cleaning it and the hubz had the NERVE to say, "it's almost like a little zen sand garden huh?"

i quickly replied, "Exactly, and i have been thinking you could use a little more zen in your life."

he took out his phone right that second and warned all the men on his FB that what he said was a VERY bad idea.


Ruth said...

I am lucky that for the most part my cat goes outside. That makes me happy. Except for in winter, but we use very little litter.

I pray for you daily. I am certain things will work themselves out. You just have to be open to anything!

Cheeseboy said...

Your cat confession is the exact reason I don't have cats. I like cats, but I hate their stench.

Your confession on the economy is one I think we all share.

LaurieBee said...

Hang in there! You'll find a job! I once said that looking for a job is the equivalent of potty training -- and here you are faced with both at the same time. I am NOT envious! Hugs!

Marsy said...

Great post :) I agree with the smelly kitty litter, why can't cat's bums and toilet habits smell of cinnamon or lavender instead?

Anonymous said...

He is my new favorite eye candy. Grey's is having a TERRIFIC season so far!

Have a great weekend!

Lourie said...

Oh yes, I totally watched Grey's last night. And if my doctor looked like him I would be there every day!

My kids want a cat.

I am probably going to get a job...I haven't NEEDED to work for 13 years. I have been blessed. I would rather stay home. The economy and braces dictate otherwise.

LaVonne said...

We are potty training too. Number 1 is going great. She is able to go all by herself. But No. 2? She does not want to go on the toilet. I wish I knew what to do! :)

singedwingangel said...

I applied at Waffle House last night until this other stuff takes off. Sigh I gave up on the Homecoming Queen.. nobody loves me everybody hates me guess I'll eat a worm...

Anonymous said...

I so hear you on the litter box thing. I can't stand it!
This economy sucks big time. Hate. it.

From Tracie said...

I confess that I missed Grey's and Parenthood. I will be visiting Hulu this weekend.

I hear you on the income. I really do. Praying for you sweetie!

I confess that I have not been around twitter much this week. I love it, and I miss it.

Jenny Brown said...

Oohh...I love Confessions...and you're right, Jessy Williams is HOT! With or without his shirt on! And should it surprise you that your ahead in the homecoming poll....what with you being so cool and all! :):)

Baby Making Mama said...

Haha! I love these confessions! I've been HORRIBLE at commening on blogs lately so I'm trying to make up for that RIGHT NOW! haha! hence this comment!

I am so sick of this economy too and twitter RULES!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

This is my first time to your blog and I am loving you. I am tired of this economy too, mam needs some new shoes. I like Twitter better too, works better for those with short attention spans. Off to read more now!

Wendy said...

LOL!! I'm so glad that my cat just meows at the door when she has to go. And I don't know where she ventures off to take care of business. So what I don't know, won't hurt me, right??

Amy Hagerup said...

Love your voice and I love the title of your blog too. Thanks for the list of confessions. You definitely have a fun style that makes me want to read more! I'm visiting from Blog frog. Blessings, Amy

Marie said...

I love Greys Anatomy! You should watch Private Practice sorta the same thing!

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