Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mingle-Interrupted edition. *sigh*

Hey y'all! It is time for another edition for Monday Mingle. And YES...some of the captions in my video are misspelled. I apparently was very tired last night when I edited the video....*sigh* Sorry 'bout that. And then when I actually recorded it my 3 year old was having a fit.
BUT despite all that I mingled. And this week it is ALL about shoes. Thanks @jendisjournal for the questions!

This week’s questions (submitted by Jendi from Simple Vloggings Tips):
1. ‘Fess up – how many shoes do you own?
2. What is your favorite type of shoe to wear? Sneakers, stilettos, kitten heels, ballet flats?
3. Do you have a shoe story you could tell us?

Stay TUNED next week because Speedy picked MY questions...YAY! :) Have a super week you guys!


Ruth said...

I own like 2 or 3 pairs of shoes.

The Blogging Goddess said...

I am a shoe whore...I admit it and it's a problem. But, I live in flip flops. And boots. Love the daughter part!! LMAO!

singedwingangel said...

lmbo you know my boys won't let me do anything with a camera and them not in it lol. I would go barefoot.. seriously year round and we have a winter here lol..

Debbie said...

I LOVE the video this week. no glasses, glasses on, outside, inside, "oh wait I FORGOT..." DOn't worry I forgot things too and figures out how to add them to my video. I'm getting better each week I tell ya! Did you get your crown yet?

Momstart said...

Oh I have way too many shoes. The best part of your video is your child in the background. Every night I'm always thinking is it bed time yet. Oh man.

Paula Schuck said...

Happy Monday! It always looks so nice where you are. Sup with that? I love that other people have kids who yell through stuff. Cheers, Paula

Linda Ramos said...

Totally understand the interruptions! I like it though..shows I am not the only one who goes through it. I swear my daughter walked by on purpose to mine today. She can't handle not being on camera.

Jendi said...

How does it feel to have the most popular shoe size? Not as good as it sounds, huh. At least flip-flops don't matter quite as much, right?

Had to laugh because I say the same thing, "Go ask Daddy. Go. now. and. ask. your. father!" I do love my munchkins...most of the time. ;)

From Tracie said...

Before the video even starts I will tell you that I am a flip flop girl (and funky tennis shoes....but mostly flip flops!)

It is like a picture for me! =) lol You are so cute. It was either the moon or a streetlight.

I know what you mean about clearing out that shoe closet. It can be therapudic.

You do the flip flops too? Yay! You can wear those flip flops that are also high heels. hehe

LOL! At the interruption subtitles, er captions, er words.

Ooooh you were gone...and now you are back! =) I like this!

That always happens to me too! It drives me crazy. I am in the 7/8 range too. :(

...and this concludes another Monday Mingle where I leave you an obnoxiously long comment while listening to your video. It is a peek into what happens in my brain while watching you. I hope it wasn't too scary!

Daenel said...

Hahahaha I tell my kids that I've given Dad permission to answer their questions. They call me at work to ask questions when he's right at home with them.

You are so right about the sales rack for shoes.

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