Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yeah, yeah Is it Friday yet?

Image taken from Google Images.
"Now if you will excuse me now..."
Yep. I really could use a break. A break from all the overwhelming stress in the world--bills, bills,,!

And then in my EMAIL I saw a blessed email. One that might have saved my life today. (Well, I wasn't gonna kill myself from the stress...but anyways...) Y'all know I'm a Blissfully Domestic Contributor right? Well, they published MY overwhelmed post today. Take a look.

Tomorrow begins the Halloween sugar dream! (Well, for the kids anyway...) Hopefully my kids will bring home some good candy that I can snitch...bwahahahaha.

And then I remembered when I get stressed I make funny videos...funny release me some stress videos...

Peace out y'all. I'll be back later. ;)


Lisa said...

Nice dance moves. I'm jealous. :) Not of the stress that causes you to make silly videos, just of the numbchuck skills you possess in dancing. :) Good luck with everything!

singedwingangel said...

lmbo I love it.. I would dance right now but umm I tried some of the insanity exercises Jen had on her blog yesterday.. umm yeah my abs are soo not happy with me right now I can barely stand up

T said...

down with stress! Well, unless it's your muse, then just a teensy bit :)

Cheeseboy said...

The kids are my personal traders too. I have taught them to like Bit O' Honey.

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