Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogfrog community, and why I think it rules!

Ok, raise your hands if you have not seen the Blogfrog community box on my blog over there on my sidebars? (Ya know below my follower gadget?)
You haven't?
Well take another look then.
Go ahead.
I'll wait.

Now you've seen it.
Now you know what it looks like. :))

Ok. Blogfrog community was started by @rustinb. That's his Twitter handle. Something about how his wife had a blog and her followers would leave comments and she would respond back to those comments and Rustin thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could interact with your readers all the time?" That's essentially what Blogfrog is about. Interacting in your OWN community with your followers on things you'd like to discuss, from current events to what is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
  Rustin joined up with Holly, and away they went with Blogfrog. I got to meet them both at a blogger conference. Cool huh? I thought so.

 So that's what Blogfrog is.

Here's why I Cluttered Brain, think it is SO COOL.

Top 10 reasons why I Blogfrog and why you should too!

10-  You can share your awesome blogfrog discussions with your Twitter pals as well. (And Twitter is so cool, we all know that.)

9- Blogfrog helps promote your own little blog. (It does, Honest. People come from all over to respond to your discussions and BAM, they can also see your blog posts as well.)

8-  Cool contests. (Blogfrog recently had a 4th of July contest where you could challenge yourself by setting blogfrog goals...and if you met your goals, you'd win some prizes. Cool huh?)

7- Connecting with others. (You all know how I LOVE to talk, well, blogfrog helps foster that communication by allowing me to create discussions NOT only in my community but in other communities as well.)

6-  You can find more blogs to read via Blogfrog.( Like who responded to your community? Click on their profile and check out their community and blog! :))

5-  They owners of Blogfrog, Holly and Rustin,  have the BEST tips about blogging and SEO and they host sweet contests. (I might win one of their contests one day if I'm lucky.)

4-  I heart Twitter! Any website that allows me to share discussions on Twitter is da bomb! 'Cause I love my Twitter pals as well!

3-  Blogfrog is cool cause I like frogs! Blogfrog has been known to give away really cute stuffed animal frogs to winners! :))

2-   I get awesome tweets from @rustinb himself for telling others I'm gonna write a blog post about his community. (I mean who doesn't wanna receive a tweet from rustinb himself?)

1- And the number one reason I use Blogfrog, and YOU should too, is because you like me. You watch me dance here on my blog, why not talk to me over on Blogfrog as well?

Easy-Peasy to sign up. There is even a 38 page tutorial that helps you step-by-step in creating your own Blogfrog community. I know you wanna promote your blog. Everyone does.

Everyone wants to be the next Mama Kat.

So just do it. Give Blogfrog a try.

What are you waiting for? Cluttered Brain has spoken and you must follow orders. :)
You might look like a fool if you don't. :))

So hop on over to Blogfrog and JOIN my community today! Please? THANKS! :) Reply to a discussion while you are there too. It's easy to do.

P.S. Before I wrote this post, I met this really cool blogger lady on Twitter-- @Household6Diva.
She has put together an awesome list of what she has learned about Blogging.  (Bonus: She has a blogfrog community as well.)


From Tracie said...

I signed up for blogfog a while ago...I think I even have my own community....the fact that I don't know for sure shows you how much I have used it.

I will have to make an effort to try again to figure it out. If you say it is cool, then it must be cool!

I'm coming to blogfrog have all been warned!

Jules said...

I did, now I have to find time to figure it out.

Grace Adams said...

I love the fact that BlogFrog lets me see recent visitors to my site.

Patty Ann said...

So, how do you post your blog in blogfrog? I am just getting to understand Blogger, I am not sure what to do about a new one! I am learning, but it is hard work!!

Maranda said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this!!

T said...

38 page tutorial??? hmmm... no wonder I'm not quite getting it together yet :)

Donda said...

I was about to do it until I saw it has 38 pages of instructions...I suck at following instructions...maybe I can get my husband to do it for me.

Melissa said...

I signed up about a year ago and its just this past week that I started really getting into using Blog Frog and let me tell you! I. Love. It. I am directed to so many more sites and blogs and get to meet so many more people (virtually of course) and its outside my comfort zone ... Lovin' It!

Cameron said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! I'm really going to make an effort with my Blogfrog community!! And I'll try to keep up with yours as well!!

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