Monday, July 5, 2010

What have you been reading this summer besides blogs? :)

I had a delightful opportunity to review a wonderful book called, Leaning Into the Curves. I decided to review it over on my writer's blog if y'all want to wonder over, K?

I am still trying to recover from watching my oldest daughter ride a very dizzying ride. You know the ones...where the ride goes round and round and round, UPSIDE DOWN and such.

I think I have a 4th of July hangover. And I know..I don't drink. But I have watched my kids eat popsicles and then cotton candy and jump on inflatable jumpy things---not necessarily in that order though. I'm pooped. Am I getting too old for 4th of July parades? *sigh*

I'm glad my kids are having a good time. Maybe next time I will remember the camera. *Tsk, Tsk, on me* I know. Shame on me.

I'll be back tomorrow I think. Fireworks are being set off tonight so you just never know.


Cheeseboy said...

Well, almost nothing but blogs and kid's books for me. Although I just started a book by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Klosterman.

Lisa said...

I've been reading labels~like to see how many fat calories I'm consuming. It doesn't stop me~just informs me. Love the pink cotton candy machine!

AJ said...

Maybe I ought to post about my book addiction.

I have read 10 books since June. 5 "new books" - I found a new author I like Karen Harper and read a new Nicholas Sparks book called "The Lucky One" and I read the first 3 Twilight Books and 2 Nicholas Sparks books I have already read.

Holly said...

This summer??? Around the World in 80 Days... LOL! Next? Maybe I'll start The Hunger Games set... I've been hearing good things... ??

Hope you don't have a HANGOVER tomorrow! HAH!! ((HUGS))

Maranda said...

My mother just sent me a box full of books and I'm pretty much devouring a book called "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind.

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