Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look what I did yesterday!

EDITED: This just in. The cute Random Thoughts button is from The Un-Mom. Not Nolie. Oops! Sorry.
 I got some thoughts for you today, and I found this sweet button over at Nolie's Place (Since I linked to her twice, it's gotta be cool that I used it Right?) *I hope so!* Thanks Nolie! :)

  •   I think some of my loyal fans have already seen this yesterday but if you haven't check out where I guest posted yesterday.  I was talking to my friend via email and Twitter yesterday and she just seemed so overwhelmed with everything she had to get done.  She needed a guest poster! So me, being the friend that I am, wrote up a brilliant post *yeah, I know, haha!* ( I totally wrote the sucker in like 15 mins tops!)  So meander on over there and leave some comment love for my friend.  K? Thanks! :)

  •   Anyhoo, WIMTSW is up tomorrow and I think it could be a doozy of an edition.

  • It's still flipping hot here in the desert. (Thank goodness for A/C!)

  • And I'm having a good ole' time at Brittany's blog bash!

Ok, that's enough rambling. I got stuff to do. Later!


singedwingangel said...

Thanks for the shout outs.. I think Shell is gonna win this one she had 101 comments last night.. Sighs..

Lisa said...

I read your guest blog, but I'm commenting on your blog, so it looks like the comments are YOURS. You're a hoot. Did your girls kill each other? Did the 2 year old wake up? Was there any blood? Answer these questions next. :)

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