Friday, July 9, 2010

I've got some GOOD news! (And NO, I'm not pregnant!)

Remember me?
Yeah, I was the one about to fall asleep at the keyboard last night.
It might have been Angel's fault. we chatted via Skype last night. Had a ball! She is really a hoot! Or maybe I'm the hoot, I'm not sure. We are both hoots, what can I say?

Remember when I announced or failed to announce something BIG that might happen in my life?
Yeah, I got super excited because hey I was qualified. Or I thought I was qualified. I knew I'd have competition, but I entered anyway.


Well, I didn't get it.

WHAT didn't you get Cluttered Brain?


Well, about a week ago Lady Blogger's Society announced that they were looking for a 4th Lady Blogger. They said the gal must LOVE social media, be obsessed with Twitter,  be motivated to plan a Blogger's conference...yada yada...I signed up! I got an email back from one of the gals asking if I was "Still Interested?" I said, "YES!"

So they announced the 4th lady Blogger today.
And it's not me. I kinda figured it wasn't going to be me, because if it was I'm sure they would have told me by now.
It's not me, it's the lovely Amy @Amy's Blam!
She really is just perfect for the 4th lady blogger. And I'm not mad or sad or anything.


But I need your help still.
At the end of the post they wrote that received many emails about many qualified ladies. They may have lost sleep over the 4th lady blogger. And then....Get this.
They said "we encourage you to apply to speak at the conference! Conference speakers get a free ticket!"

Should I do it?
Should I apply to speak? What would I speak about? (I actually have some ideas--that's for another post though)
I'm not afraid to speak in public at all and I think I could help other fellow lady blogger's. I think it would be fun, fun, fun. (I'm probably CRAZY, but ya know, I did set a goal that I would speak at a blogger conference someday.)

So email me, leave me a comment, let me know if I should pursue this speaking gig or not. Maybe if I speak at a smaller blogger conference, it will open up doors for Blissdom or Blogher or something like that? The possibilities are endless...

I'm a spaz, Right?
Well, that's why you people like me--remember?
Sayonara my bloggy peeps!

Follow me on Twitter is you want too! (If you just can't get enough of me.) :)

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The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

You totally should apply! When and where is their conference?

AJ said...

I would. If they asked.
Even if I am sorta off my game at the moment. :)

Maranda said...

Absolutely you should do it!!!! You helped me already. I think you are fabulous!!! I know you would find something to talk about. Do it, do it!!! When life closes a door it opens a window right??? Here's your window baby!

T said...

oh pshaw... you could totally speak on Twitter... and bring along a Twitter virgin (or still very nearly so) as an example to "walk them through the paces")

{Not Quite} Susie said...

Hey! Shell from Not Quite Susie/ The Lady Bloggers here- I am so glad you are considering filling out an application- in fact, please do!!!

You were one of the "finalists", I guess you could say, and it was really hard to choose. It was not that you weren't qualified- you very much were! So I hope that you don't feel badly about not getting it, because if we could have brought on two new girls, odds are you would have been the other one. :)

Anyway, please fill out a speaker application &we'll go from there! :)


One Cluttered Brain said...

Now I just have to find this speaker application...:) *SQUEEEAAALLL!!!*

Can I take a twitter virgin to the conference? T can be a "teacher's twitter pet!" LOL.
Or whatever.
Heck, I'm commenting on my own blog...*sigh*
I'm off to fill out speaker papers, then hopefully getting a button that says, I'm speaking!! :)
I'm so cool, Aren't I? LOL.

Lisa said...

Duh, darling. Of course you should do it. STAND AS A BEACON OF LIGHT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS, SISTER!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I'm sorry you weren't asked to be the 4th Lady, but hopefully you'll get to be a speaker! Good luck!

Donda said...

I could actually feel the enthusiasm spewing from your words so I have to say YES YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO FOR IT!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I already follow you everywhere I possibly can and I would definitely listen to your speech! Even though I would be wanting to tie you in a chair and force feed you ADD meds the whole time!

Go for it girlie!

Patty Ann said...

I think that you should follow your dream! You never know what is going to happen unless you try. (Of course, we all know what happens when we DON'T try!) So go for it! Maybe, someday, we will be speaking together!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Good luck!!

Cheeseboy said...

So, that kinda sucks. You definitely deserved it. Definitely sign up to speak... I'd sign up for your class. (I mean, if I were a woman blogger)

singedwingangel said...

I think you should totally apply for the speaker thing you would ROCK it

Ipo said...

can i just say that i love your cluttered brain?!! i found you through a comment you left on alexis' blog, depressions and confessions, and through her on twitter as well. love your stuff!

Cori said...

I say GO FOR IT!! What do you have to lose???!! Good luck!!

Mormon Surrogate said...

Um YEAH, speak girl!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! You definitely should apply :) I follow you on Twitter and GFC!!!

Cameron said...

I definitely think you should apply!! I think your blog is great & all new or growing bloggers want to learn from the experiences of those who have been doing it for a while!! There's no harm in applying!!

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