Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I meant to say...(Idiot edition)


It is time for ME to get some things OFF of my chest so here it goes...

What I meant to say begins NOW!

When husband left a message on answering machine telling me the 4 little words I have been waiting for all week--("I got the job!")I felt all good inside. And giddy like a school girl on the first day of school.

What I meant to say--"YES!! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!" And I jumped around and all over the house. (In all actuality I did just precisely that.) *sigh* Sometimes it is good just to let it all out.

When I bought some sweet maple syrup the other day and may I add, it was FREE, I had a coupon, I double checked with the cashier to see if it indeed got taken off. (The syrup was like 3.99) She said, "Of course."
   I double checked the receipt and shook my head. "No, I don't think so. I was still charged."

What I meant to say--"Look, I know it is close to the end of your shift, you have had a L-O-N-G day on your feet, but I just want my syrup for free and be on my merry way!!! Please get your manager and correct this situation.....I don't wanna go to customer service. This is your fault!" " "Grrrr.!!!!!" (I would have growled too. Sometimes you get more respect when you growl.

One more. This is getting fun.
I wanted to get a piece of meat on sale. Of course I could NOT find it anywhere. I asked the butcher who was stocking the meat. He pointed to the meat on sale. Paid for it. Went home. Husband saw price and shook his head. "You got the wrong meat."

What I meant to say to the guy who pointed to the wrong meat NOT on sale: "Are you kidding me? You did NOT point out the correct meat on sale? I had to drive all the WAY back here and exchange it for the correct meat. That's it. Give me 5 dollars for gas and we'll call it even. Okay? Don't let it happen again...."

When I found out AGAIN, that a certain blog friend of mind is still getting nasty comments on her blog I wanted to scream. In all actuality, I growled and sighed.

What I meant to say if I knew who the bloody blogger was that made the comment: "Really? We are going here AGAIN? First of all, who died and made you Miss Queen Perfect? Who gives you the right to leave your filth on my friend's blog...Why I ought to kick your butt to the moon and back again! If your mother knew you were leaving such nonsense on another's blog, oh what would she say?"

*sigh* Nobody ever listens to me.

That's it. All my meant to says are used up in the idiotic grocery store and in discovering new people I want to maim in blogland. (Okay, that's a bit harsh. Even for me. Just kick around a little.) Grrr. Why me?

I feel better now that I got off my chest. Now what about you?


singedwingangel said...

lmbo I loved the last one.. that''s a side of you one rarely sees... grrr you roar woman roar..

Stephanie said...

"Meant to says" are most often related to trips to grocery store... and any other store for that matter. Unless you're rgularly surrounded by morons of course. Ok, that was mean, but I mean really... since I stopped surrounding myself with annoying people I have many les "meant to say" moments. Am I right? Annoying people. Not worth it... but apparently they are and I need to be more Christ like. Humph.

Lisa said...

So glad he got the job! Wonderful! Sorry about the beef, and the syrup and the idiot blog commenter. Probably end up in hades, you know. That's where crap head blog commenters go.

Not Average Teen said...

Whoa! I think you have been hanging with Angel too much! lol jk jk jk

I can't believe there is still blog drama going on! ahh!

Congrats on the job thing though!! :) btw, I don't think anyone is giddy about the first day of school haha, just saying.

dot said...

Yep growling works for me... I like your WIMTS alot. Congrats to hubby on the job and to you for free syrup...free is the best.

Jules said...

What I meant to say......I forgot!

If you find the nasty person leaving comments lets fill his blog with pictures of your (Almost) free maple syrup.

Congrats!! to hubby.

Brittney said...

CONGRATS to your hubby!!! yay for $$$$ lol :)

Grrrr.!!!!!" (I would have growled too. Sometimes you get more respect when you growl. ---- HAHAHA too funny!!

Garden of Egan said...

Well I'm glad you got that all out!
I'm sure you must feel better now.

Congrats on the hubs getting the job!!!

T said...

yay for the job!!!

and although I have all sorts of nasty thoughts about hater comments and all that other jazz what I really have to tell you is how long my little sweet 6 year old sat and enjoyed that animated blog button... she cracks me up!

Cluttered Brain said...

Ahh! The animated button! Oh how I LOVE that button! Probably one of the main reasons I do the carnival. That and I absolutely ADORE the bloggers who host it...
Good people really!

The Ninja said...

You are awesome...did you know that??

Patty Ann said...

I loved this one! It is for all of us who would love to tell someone off and just can't manage to get that job done! Congrats on the Job, sorry about the syrup and the meat, and can we please just tar and feather the idiot who likes to leave nasty comments??? I gotta say, I feel like my blog is MINE you know, I don't understand why people think they have the right to be mean about things. I love the quote by Thumper's mother, "If you can't say somethin nice....don't say nothin at all!" Good advice for all of us. You rock (err, ROAR) girl!

Tracie said...

Congrats on the job!!!

I'm so OVER blog drama. It ruins all the fun.

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