Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get ready all you NON-blogher going PARTY people! :)

Who's NOT going to Blogher?
Yeah, that'd be me too.  I talked about this one other time last week. I AM going to have a Twitter party NEXT Friday August 6th, 2010. So while the rest of the Blogher people will be attending their SocialLuxe party, I will be hosting a FABULOUS Twitter party. I even have some swag to give away as well.

Yeah, who's cool now?
YOU are. (Because you are coming to my party!)
  This is NOT the last time you will hear about this #Notgoing2Blogher Twitter party. I will be tweeting about it of course, I don't think you will want to miss this fabulous event! Everyone who knows me knows I like to have a good time AND I know how to PART-TAY!

So let's party like it's 1999 or something. (Remember that song?) Yeah, I know I'm an 80's child.

I even got a fabulous gal to host with me! Sweeeet huh?
Follow me on Twitter-- @Clutteredbrain  AND also follow @julialadewski.
I will have MORE details as I know them, K?
And perhaps an AWESOME button--but I'm working on that, okay?
For now, just follow us.
You won't want to miss this FABULOUS event for all you Not-going-2-Blogher people.

Never been to a Twitter party?
I will post a video or some Twitter party rules.
It's fast and fun, and sometimes the screen rolls so fast you miss something.
But you are in the comfort of your home.
Pour yourself a glass of wine, (If that is what you like...I'll be drinking Dr. Pepper.)
And come PARTY!!!

Excited about coming? I am.
Watch my blog for the RSVP linky. I want to have a list of everyone that is going. I'll have it up in a couple of days. Okay?

Let's show all those Blogher bloggers that we know how to party too!


Amy said...

Count me in!

T said...

I'll be there with bells on.

okay, no bells.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sounds FAB! I'll definitely plan to attend!

Mormon Surrogate said...

I want to come join the party. Never been to a twitter party.

I just might need a friendly reminder and instructions..


From Tracie said...

I'm excited. I've been such a blogging/twitter slacker this week. It was scary!

Pammy pam said...

hey i am SOOOO in!

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