Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do you like Twitter parties?

What's a Twitter party you might ask? I'd say, "Where have you been living for the past 3 months?" HAHA! A twitter party is where a bunch of your really cool tweeps (Tweeps= Twitter pals) get together and ALL use the same hashtag and talk about anything and everything you want.  There is usually a host. And hey, since this is my idea, I say I get to be the host. Ok? 

There is ONE rule though. You all must follow ME on Twitter to participate.
AND there will be absolutely NO bashing of other people tolerated.

Now read further to read what kind of Twitter party I will be having...

I know, I know, what an odd question to ask but I'm asking it anyway. How many of you are NOT going to Blogher?

*raises hand*   <--Anyone with me?

 I want to know because I'm thinking about holding an official Twitter party that weekend for those that cannot go. I may or may not have sponsors. I may or may not have some prizes to give away.  The whole point of a Twitter party to me is for FUN. However, if you happen to be a somebody who can sponsor an AWESOME Twitter party go right ahead. Please email me oneclutteredbrain AT gmail DOT com. I'd LOVE to hear from you!

 So if you are interested in a NON-Blogher Twitter party, Let me know. I think the topic would be "All Things Social Media" Or something like that. And I would have fun discussion topics and let everyone answer. And we can discuss why attending such a great conference would be so freaking AWESOME! :)

Depending on the amount of people that want to attend, I will post a linky on my blog that you all can post your twitter handles--NOT on this post, another one, K?

I am just looking for a head count on who wants to come.

I'm thinking the NON-Blogher Twitter party should obviously be held over Blogher weekend. (August 5-7)
I probably would host on Friday or Saturday depending on what day is good for you.

Here's what I want YOU to do: Leave me a comment telling me if you'd like to come AND which day is better for you. 

Then we will plan from there, OK?

Thanks y'all! You guys are the best! And I mean that too. (Someday we will ALL get to go to Blogher someday. And the best part of it will be, someone else will pay our way. :) Hopefully. :)

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From Tracie said...

All about it!!

Friday or Saturday are good for me.

It will lesson the sting of my BlogHer-less-mess.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

Ive never been to a Twitter party, cause Im not sure how to join in! lol

Jules said...

Personally I have never been able to figure Twitter out or what even the rage is all about. I do have an account tough. And if that doesn't make me feel stupid... never hearing of BlogHer does.

You just keep me informed and I'll try my best to follow along...

*LLUVIA* said...

I'm with Stephanie, I've never been to a Twitter Party because I don't know what to do or how. Weekends are not good for me as I try stay away from the Internet those days.

I have a twitter but don't use it much, except for when I enter giveaways.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm not going to Blogher either.
As far as the twitter partay.......Uh, I gotta remember my password, that I haven't used since I signed up at the CBC goaded by you, no less.

T said...

I really think "twitter party" should have a better name... y'know, like the Tweeps thing...

hmmm - party, shin-dig, bash... Twash is weird, Twarty just sounds WRONG, and Twin-dig is... well, it just doesn't work for me - sorry!

whatever - I'm in for the as yet un-named event... nights are a little tough for me around here being as I'm supposed to be a responsible wife and mother - but I can sneak in some twitter time (twime?) shoot, I'm no good at this naming thing!

Ms Bibi said...

I never been to twitter party. I observed few, but never knew how to get in,lol.

The Ninja said...

I am not going because I will be vacaying with the kids!

Brittney said...

i dont even know what blogher is but i love twitter parties :) #weRcool

Cheeseboy said...

I'm still holding out. One of these days...

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