Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YIKES! i forgot comment love letters! And this week it's good!

I totally forgot about Comment love letters! Must participate!
And then I'm off. I promise. Or not. Who knows?

Dear Cluttered Brain,
Do you vlog in a closet? :)
Since when did those bottoms become PJ's? No wonder people look at me funny in the mall.
PS I was waiting for a cart wheel.
You are freakin' hilarious!! Why mop? I agree! There is just way too much tweeting and blogging out there to do!!
And I'm totally diggin' the Care Bear PJs!!!
This was awesome!!!
You are so NOT mom of the year....however, I think that I should totally NOT BE MOM OF THE YEAR!
I've had more practice at it ya know.
By the way, you ARE flexible.
I love it!
Ok, we have the same love for cold cereal goin' on over here, too. Sometimes for dinner.
Thank you so much for the shout out, you are the sweetest! And rest assured, I think there will be many posts far better than mine. I just wasn't really at the top of my game. I don't think I can beat my MOm Prom post. And I didn't even win Prom Queen! So I think you have a serious chance with this, esp. since you wear your pj's to drive the kids to school and TO VLOG! love those red heart pants! YOU GO, ALEXES
LOL Love your video :)
I'm so glad I didn't watch this before I linked up!
Of course we have similar reasons... but I have no VLOG... so who knows.
:) LOL! Great reasoning!
Girl you are crazy funny! Love it! The best was you showing of your jammy jams! I too am a PJ girl!
Thanks for a FUN entry and for linking up!
lmao you rock!!!!
I'll vote for you, I mean, if you want me to vote for you.
OK ON my good side I could get my leg up like that lol.. 815?? Egads woman my kids are in school a whole HOUR by that time lol I have to get htem up at 6 am to catch a bus lol.. and oh yeah if they miss it rarely do I go on and take them cause it is 10 miles from here ummm yeah...

Love your fans,
Thanks y'all. I appreciate every single one of you.


singedwingangel said...

roflmbo gee these look so famililar specially that last one lol..

Garden of Egan said...

You make me laugh!

AJ said...

What a cute post idea! (Not that I need any new memes!)

Stop by today and help me raise money for school supplies for Afghan school children!!

Kerri said...

Whoot! Thanks for linking up and putting a letter together. I hope you had fun, it turned out great.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh what a fun idea! I love it! You go smart/creative girl!

Lisa said...

Hi, am new to the blogworld, LOVE IT - and am not sure if this is in 'right' place (probably not), but wanted to say i saw your vlog about being 'not mom of the year'. HAHA! Wanted to reassure you that it doesn't get better when they get older either. For some god knows why reason I kept forgetting my fourth son places :( once on the side of the road. This past school year I started to drive off without him a few times :( The other one got in, and i thought we were good to go? I offered to pay for there therapy years ago, it helps with any parental guilt. I've always driven my kids to school in pj's, but not proper ones like you - i have the UGLIEST orange moomoo thats fuzzy with a honkin teddy bear affixed to the front. Child #4 (clearly the most disturbed) asks me to drop him off at the corner. Ahh well....

Love your blog xx

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