Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two for one!!! Oh me, oh my!

Hellooooo Everybody!!!
I am BACK from vacation--I had a wonderful time and now it is time to get back to bloggy business. I hope to receive word soon so I can clue you guys in on what it is.
  Sorry, I can't say sooner but if I did and it didn't happen then how ruuuude would that be?

Ok. First off, Wordless Wednesday--'Cause I'm sure you all are dying to see how I celebrated the 4th of July. And with who??

I celebrated the 4th with my favorite Doctor.

Yeah, that's right. Dr. Pepper. :)

Second order of business, is of course the infamous WIMTSW with Angel and Brittany.
 (Please Note, I am somewhat early. 'Cause as of 9:56 PM Angel has not posted her WIMTSW post yet. *sigh* I'll guess I will have to link up tomorrow...)


The 4th of July WIMTSW....

Seriously I was SOOOO excited when one of the Lady Blogger's society emailed me back!! I was like YAY! Someone is actually listening to me...Who would have thunk?

WIMTSW: Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!!! I can't believe it!!!! SQQQUEEEEAALLLL!!!

Oh wait a minute, I did say that.
My husband and mother in law can vouch for that.

Okay, so I get excited when BIG bloggy people email me and such. What's your point?

WIMTSW continues:
When my husband was looking for his socks today, he was finding clothes to get dressed...He could not find them, he asks, "So when you washed my socks where did you put them again?"

What I said: "I don't know. There got to be around somewhere."
What I meant to say:  "You honestly can't get the rest of the way dressed and look for your socks AFTER you are dressed? I mean, who wears socks anyways? Not me, No sirree."

Ok. I'm done.

Whew. And that's about all I can do.

Moo-goo gai pan. I'm beat. Just saying that yummy chinese food has me beat. *sigh*

If you are not familiar with Veggie tales, where do you live anyway? Under a rock? Do you have kids?
And with that, I'm outta here. I promise you as soon as I hear back from my big bloggy friends, I'll let you know. K?


singedwingangel said...

It's up woman it's up geesh.. I had to tend to my sister who had major shoulder surgery today and mom is taking care of her.. soo I got nominated to get her dressed.. which has proven challenging lol

dot said...

I am gonna have to song in my head for days LOL BTW my 9-year-old still loves the Veggie Tales. She might be "too old "for Dora but the Veggie tales are forever cool.and I love diet Dr.Pepper too (but not as much as I love coffee)

Dolly said...

I'm checking back with you- first thing in the morning!!!! I NEED to know what's up....?

Jules said...

I like veggie tales too. I also wanted to respond to your comment on my blog.

I have been blogging since December but really March, iy took me awhile to find my fingers.

I did not have a blogfrog page but I do now. I fear I will have to now figure that out.

Whew, anyway good post.

Kristina P. said...

My husband loves the Doctor. Me, not so much.

Lisa said...

I'm still tired from watching your Tequila dance. How do you stay so hyped, chick? It can't just be the caffeine. :)

Maranda said...

LOL! What a great crazy random post! I'm very intrigued by this "thing" you keep referring to...

Braden said...

I love how excited you get about life and things, Alexes. It's contagious. I'm excited to hear about this new thing!

Brittney said...

lol love the pic! I think we all get a little star struck when the big dawgs email us :) haha

T said...

I love Veggie Tales... my kids are getting too old and I keep buying the DVDs just for my own personal enjoyment :)

AJ said...

sigh... I am now losing followers... we are so far apart... but really - what is up with the fact that you have NOT broken 300 yet?! AMAZING!

From Tracie said...

I love Veggie Tales....I would watch them even if I didn't have a kid. Actually I did watch them before I had a kid.

I know all the songs to every episode.

I might need an intervention.

Garden of Egan said...

Cute pix! I love it

You are so freaking crazy! You are always making me laugh.

Life Without Pink said...

The photo of you is awesome! You know I have never watched veggie tales, wonder if my kids will like it???? I might try it.

Tiffany said...

Found your through SITS! Love your blog, you are really funny! I am following you. Funny how I never found you before since we seem to run in the same circle of fellow bloggy friends.
Love you WW photo! You are soo funny!

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