Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I meant to say...Grrrr....


It's my favorite day of the week!!
What I meant to say Wednesday starts NOW!!

Okay, this week it's good.
Ok, y'all have heard of Pogo.com? It's an awesome game site, scrabble, card games, BINGO it has everything. Probably has Strip Poker too. And NO, I did not play that. Get your mind out of the gutter people!  Anyway, my friend, Angel, you know her right? (She is one of the hosts of this lovely meme.) Anyhoo, I was trying to get on POGO to play scrabble with her and her best bud. Well, I couldn't. I tried for flipping 45 minutes. It didn't work. I changed browsers. Stupid Google Chrome! A pop-up blocker was NOT coming up because it said I had blocked it. HMPH!
(I even asked my husband to help me figure it all out.)

What I meant to say: *To the browser that would NOT me play POGO with one of my good blog buddies*
PBBBBT!!!! PBBBBBT!!!! PBBBBBBT!!!!!! Dang it!! Is this all this is? I am watching 2 lego type people play a card game. Big whoop-de-doo! There has got to be more to POGO than this. There is. Don't screw with me Mr. Pop-up blocker. ALWAYS allow pop-ups from POGO. Sheesh!

To the lady at the grocery store who is trying to make conversation with me:
So she says, "I don't know what is up with me, but lately water has been disagreeing with me. My stomach hurts so bad. I have acid problems, but I just drank water. This shouldn't happen."

I'm thinking, why is she telling me all this?

What I meant to say: "Just ring up the groceries." I nodded and said my friendly, "hello." That's all you get lady. I'm probably NOT going to be your next best friend. Sheesh.

One more WIMTS....
Word Verification. i'm commenting on other people's blogs. I do that ya know. And I am typing in too MANY dang stupid nonsense words. Please for all that is decent and holy, TURN THEM OFF!

What I meant to say, I actually vlogged, I was so ticked. Take a look.

That's it people.
That's all I got for you today.
Do you want to get something off your chest too?
Link up with Angel and Brittany today! :)


pr0udmom0f3 said...

HAHAHA! Tell it sister! Word Verification..It sucks! <<LMAO

I've got that touchy pervert one before lol.

As for the grocery lady, she needs to ring up and go on somewhere. Period.

Pogo Scrabble?? LMAO! I came, I saw, I left. I said nope! But hey, karma deary...You laughed at me about Skype. But you can't get Pogo lol. (luv ya's anywho!)

singedwingangel said...

lmbo.. Ummm well at least you got in.. and got to play.. and unlike Dot didn't ask why you couldn't spread runs when playing canasta lol...

T said...

Scrabble's better on Facebook anyway :)

and I used to have WV off... but got a ton of ridiculous Bot comments - many of which were FAR more pervy than the accident WV ipooed. So I keep it.

I admit it IS annoying when the word verifier pops up AFTER you hit submit, but when it's on the same page it doesn't bother me at all.

The Ninja said...

I am going to write a post about how to turn it off. Of course, no one reads me, but it's worth a try!!

Ipo said...

okay, okay, i'll turn the blinkin' word verification off...
but you're right, it is irritating, especially when you spell the "word" wrong....because it's not even a real word, so why do they call it "word" verification?

Mormon Surrogate said...

I love Pogo.. maybe we can play sometime? Sorry it wasn't working for you!

Love your rant.. I too am a word verification hater! What a time waster... and you made me laugh. I've never seen you so angry!

Sunny Day said...

You're the reason I turned word verification off. I figure if I monitor the posts anyway what difference does it make.

Mass Hole Mommy said...

That story about the chick in the grocery store made me laugh. I don't know what it is about me, but EVERYONE talks to me and tells me all sorts of private information. I must look super trusting or something, but everywhere I go, someone starts a random conversation with me. LOL!!

Patty Ann said...

Yep, welcome to my world! Nothing on the computer ever works like it is supposed to. Darn word verification. Why can't they pick real words anyway???

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