Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are YOU ready for Summer?

I certainly am! You want to know HOW I am ready for summer? Well, good--I'll tell you.
You see, one day, I was chatting on Twitter minding my own business when you starts following me? Gazillion Bubble starts to follow me. Then I get this direct message from Funrise Toys that asks me if I wouldn't be interested in reviewing a Gazillion bubble maker. HECK yeah I would!

Take a look at how much fun my daughters and I had this afternoon popping bubbles!

And when this FUN bubble maker arrived? Look at how EXCITED my little one was to try it out!

Thank YOU--for this AWESOME Gazillion bubble maker to review.
Yes, WE are ready for summer! What about you?


Lizzie said...

Alexes, my girls go CRAZY for bubbles!!! Perhaps I need to invest in something like this bc I end up getting all light headed trying to blow and blow bubbles for my girls to chase!! Thx for sharing:)

singedwingangel said...

OH my boys would LOVE this..Even the 17 yr old. they love making a huge game out of bubble popping lol. Leave it to boys to figure bubbles in a war game as well..

Cheeseboy said...

As a first grade teacher, I should write a song called "I Wish Summer Was Tomorrow!"


One Cluttered Brain said...

Do it! Bubbles are fun at any age! I love the bubble machine too and was excited to use it! LOL.


Amber Page Writes said...

I looooooove bubbles! I can't wait for summer to get here - although it already feels strangely summer like, considering it's only April.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh ya! Lovin' me some sun! And lots of bubbles!!

DaveandRuth said...

My daughters would LOVE this!

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