Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where's YOUR cell phone?

Last night was NOT a good night for me. Let me set the situation up for you.
It was about 5:30 or 6:00 when the phone rang last night, maybe somewhat later, but that is that is what I remember when it rang. I thought it would be my husband. (He was at a convention all day in Vegas yesterday.) It wasn't.

"Hi, I was found this phone and figured I would try calling this number *second cell* to let you know that your cell phone is lost. Do you know who the owner is?"

"That would be my husband."

"Is there a way you can notify him and let him know he has lost his phone?"

"Not really. I'm about 2 hours away in (my local city)" I can't give everything away can I?

"I'll just turn it into Security then. Thanks for trying to help."

I waited at least 2 hours before trying my cell phone again. Maybe it was 30 minutes. I can't remember. Security answered. Still NOT husband.

We had a conversation that pretty much ended up like the first one I had. The cell phone was MY only way to reach my husband. Security reassured me they had the cell and that is was safe. But what about my husband?

Minutes ticked into hours.

I fed my girls cold cereal for breakfast. I couldn't think straight.

After the girls were fed-- it was about 8:15 now, they got their pajamas on, we prayed and then they went to bed.

I tried to distract myself with a few TV shows. Some comedy to uplift my worried mind.

But nothing worked. In the end, my mind was in a state of panic. Before he left at 7 in the morning, he told me he was probably not going to be that late this time. (The previous night he had been out to about 11:30 PM)

I read. It wasn't that my book was not entertaining, but it is a book about woman whose husbands are away--deployed in another country, and one of the ladies received a knock at the door. (The knock to inform your husband has been killed in the line of duty.)

Now I know my husband is NOT in the military but I had lost contact with him, like this lady did with her husband. (They had email to keep in touch.) I panicked.

MY mind swirled with the possibilities my husband could be in. Dead. Kidnapped. Tied up. Unable to get a hold of his wife and children.

I tried to sleep but it did not work.

It was about a quarter to one before he walked in the door WITH the cell phone I might add.

He had contacted security in the meantime and had found it. (I had no idea this had happened.)

I hugged my husband for the longest time last night.

He came home and was not dead as I feared.

Do you know where YOUR cell phone is? And your husband for that matter? Do you have contact with him? If you were to lose contact with him for any reason, would it scare you like it did me?

How did YOU spend your evening last night?


LindsayDianne said...

YOU, my dear, darling... You worry too much!
I'm so glad that he's home, just sorry that you had to spend so much time wondering and worrying. It's true, everything could change in the blink of an eye. Thanks God that it did not.

singedwingangel said...

OH I am a worry wart too. Hubby has break at work and he calls me the last one is at 130 in the afternoon. Well if it gets past 8 or so I begin worrying about him. I worry he fell asleep on the way home ( though he always calls on his way) all kinds of things go thorugh my mind.. I am glad he found his phone and brought back your peace of mind.

Matty said...

I don't worry about my husband at all. LOL

But I do often wonder about how much we depend on technology. I'm old enough to remember the days before cell phones and computers, when at best you had a public phone and needed a dime to place a call. If we didn't hear from someone for a while, it was just the norm. Now, with cell phones, PDA's, computers, we are in touch all the time and anything less causes concern.

I'm glad to hear that he was okay.

Miss Breeze said...

That would be freaky!!! And I figure your mind is still not thinking straight, because it is perfectly normal to feed children cold cereal for breakfast. But when I realized that you meant it was a breakfast being served around 8pm last night.... I laughed.
( I think you meant to say dinner, right?)

See Mom Smile said...

Yea I don't worry too much. My hubby works long hours but his office is 2 mins from our home. But I do LOVE being connected through our cell phones. It's like his invisible leash!

JamericanSpice said...

I know that panic. So glad your fears were just that , fears and he got home safe with you. You should tell him the events and how you felt.

I remember one day my husband went to work and his coworker called asking if he was home and I was like, um no, he left for work this morning. PANIC, but first I'm thinking they will page him and find him etc etc. I began calling work and no. No one could find him.

My mind went from . - panic. Was there an accident between home and work. Was he in the hosp, hurt, etc etc etc. etc.

Turned out he was at work in the belly doing dirty machine work and did not hear the page or know others there were looking for him.

And his boss and coworker called me that day, so you can imagine.


Kristen said...

I have been in a VERY similar situation....and I freaked too! My husband however...told me I was silly for freaking I knew he was OK or something!

Cheeseboy said...

I don't even own a cell phone. I think I am the only human left alive without one.

marry said...

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