Monday, April 5, 2010

C is for Cookie (I am trying to catch up.)

C is for Cookie. That's good enough for me. C is for Cookie that is good enough for me. C is for cookie, that is good enough for me, oh, cookie, cookie, cookie start with C!

Remember that song from Sesame Street? Cookie Monster? I know I am probably dating myself by telling you that I remember Sesame Street when Bob and Maria and Olivia and Gordon--Come on you remember don't you? And Mr. Rogers came on right after with his zippered sweaters. Yup, I remember.

Well C is for cookie, but I have found as I have grown older that C can also stand for Chocolate. Chocolate in my life is a definite necessity. I mean with all my daily struggles I have, washing dishes, laundry, keeping up with my latest TV shows, (it HAS to be done) who can survive without chocolate?

You are not a mother unless you can unwrap a chocolate bar without the little children knowing, and devour it all by yourself. *You do not have to share with anybody.*

When I am stressed out about my writing--chocolate helps.

Heck, who am I am I kidding? Chocolate even improves my love life on Valentine's Day. When my hubby bothers to buy me chocolate on Valentine's Day--all is right with the world.

Hmm. I also can think of other words that start with C that I do not like also.  Calories is on the TOP of my list. Can't have too many calories or you might end up fat. Nope, can't have that.

Carbohdrates. NOT on the bad list for me. I mean, who else doesn't enjoy a nice fluffy roll with butter with their steak or chicken at dinner. I definitely do!

Caffeine. Caffeine and chocolate. Can't leave home without it. Diet Dr. P and a minature snickers bar. Does the trick EVERY time. Trust me.

That's all for C. I still have D and E to catch up on.

I'll talk to you all later. :)


Patty Ann said...

Great Post! Love it! If only life were so simple that chocolate and a cookie would cure all the ills. Oh well, I can always dream....(and have another cookie!)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I heart cookie monster! Especially since it comes with chocolate... not so great about the calories. =)

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