Monday, April 5, 2010

D is for DMV (See? I am catching up.)

Image obtained through Google images. Thanks Google.
D is for DMV.
I had to wait 3 hours at the local DMV today. *sigh*
My car's registration expired in March and I had to catch up. What is even more annoying is I had to transfer my UT plates to NV plates. And also of course, had to change the UT license.
So annoying.

I waited.

I read my book for a while. The first 45 minutes went by fast.

Then I started to listen to other people's gripes on waiting.

People really do NOT like to wait longer than 15 minutes for something.

People with cell phones were texting like mad. I continued to read my book. It wasn't a bad book at all. But you have to semi-read your book because you still have to pay attention to the cranky DMV lady about to call your number.

I was 76. When I arrived the lady was in the 50's still. *sigh* This is gonna take a LOOOOONG time I am afraid.

When she finally called my number I was so excited. I had all the paperwork with me. Marriage certificate, car insurance, bank card, 2 forms of identity, my firstborn child, (Not really, but I felt like it) then the lady asked me if I need glasses to drive. My license said I did, but I don't actually need glasses to drive. I can see just fine without them, thankyouverymuch.

"Please read line two."
I squinted. I could not read line 2.
She told me to go home quickly and get my glasses, then come back she will help me then.
When I came back--she helped me right away, I felt like such a VIP, and proceeded to read the eye test.
"Please read line 2." Left eye is being tested. (supposedly my good eye.)
I read 8 numbers.
"Do you see 12 numbers? Read the 12 numbers back to me."
I only saw 8 numbers with my left eye. (And that's my good eye folks.)

Too make a LONG story shorter, I am scheduled for an eye exam tomorrow afternoon.
I need an eye exam. Must. get. contacts. And of course a new pair of glasses. Mainly cause the pair I wear now only have one ear wand. Or whatever you call those part of your glasses.

I'll take a picture with my new glasses. If I like them.

*sigh* I don't want to go blind yet.


Patty Ann said...

Yep, I had to get glasses three years ago. I went for no glasses to progressives! Drat these eyes! E is for the eyes you used to have! I think I need another cookie!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh man! Yuck! Sorry!

DaveandRuth said...

My mom knew it was time for me to have my eyes checked, when we were driving down the road and I thought I saw cows, but were horses.

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