Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interested in Getting Your Pictures done?

I have this amazing friend in the blog world. (I also have the privilege of knowing her in real life too--YEAH!)

She just launched her photography business. She purchased a really fancy Canon camera and she has started to take pictures.

But the thing is, she is in UT. I'm in Nevada. :(

Anyways, I'm sure some of my readers live in UT. And at least some of them reside in Utah county or Salt Lake County.  My friend is looking for some kids to photograph. She takes really AWESOME pictures. I should know. She has taken a few of me before. (No fancy photo sessions just a candid shot of us together.)

So if you live in UT, and you are near Provo or Salt Lake, head on over to Cream of the Crop Designs. She really does a fabulous job! You can even book your session online! She is so fancy like that! :)

 Above image taken from my friend's blog. (You know the lady that takes these fabulous pictures.)

And look I have a picture of us together too. Proving that she is a REAL LIVE friend and not just a blog buddy!

P.S. I'm sure she takes pictures of adults too. Just ask! She'll be happy you did!!
Pricing is affordable too!! There are some WAY sweet deals involved too.


Cheeseboy said...

Dang, we just got ours done. Maybe next time...

Patty Ann said...

Her pics look great! I should know, I have done lots of photography in my life. I love baby pics. If I hear of anyone living in Utah that needs pics, I will send them her way.

AJ said...

She looks great... of course I am in CA... so that won't work!

Wendy said...

WOW!!! Surprise to me that you posted this on your blog. THANK YOU so much. I haven't even looked at the picture of us on my camera. Maybe I should go and do that now. hehe... Thanks a bunch!!!

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