Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much on the mind...

What does this above picture have to do with this post? Probably nuthing, but EVERY blog post needs a picture right? :)

Well, Well, Well...
Have you ever just had SO much on your mind you just don't know where to begin?
Yup, that is totally me this morning. I have several things I need to discuss with you all this morning.
So first off, I am participating in Cat's 120 mile challenge.  Yup, this here body is going to get into shape!!


Next off the list, Did you happen to notice my nifty banners on my sidebar?
You didn't?
Well you can take a look. They are over on my sidebars.
(Psst, they are the Screaming coupon banners...)

I'll explain a little about it to you guys.
Basically, it is a bunch of sweet deals you AND your family can participate in this summer.
Screaming Coupons is great! The deals are low cost and everything!!
They currently offer deals in UT and CA.
 Are any of my readers in UT and CA?
If you are, please make sure you check out the deal of the day, OK? :)

Next on my list this summer, besides lose weight, is Momschool.
My kids will NOT be bored this summer.
I have created summer school taught by me! My kids will brush up on their writing, math,reading, science and social studies skills. We can take field trips. Mom school promptly starts at 10AM and ends at 2PM. (It might end later if I feel like it.)  My kids will NOT become TV zombies.
   Yesterday was the first day of Momschool. And you know what? I hardly had to deal with any arguing. You know why? My kids need routine. And I am giving it to them. (Momschool is even good for me, 'cause then I won't sit and blog and tweet all day.) *sigh* Even though I might want to.

I think that is all. Cat's challenge, Momschool, Screaming coupons, OH...One more thing.

My awesomest blog pal, Serene is starting to get more active on facebook. She has the MOST adorable and funny blog. You really just have to love her. I think you ought to check her out now.

And then there is one other gal who you all must meet.
You might want to get her to buy your lottery ticket for you. She is very lucky.
And that is Tauna from Garden of Egan. Her posts are so funny and I crack up every time I read her.
And she makes chocolate. Homemade. Mmm. Yummy huh?

That's it. That's all I can blog about right now. Kids are up, breakfast needs to be made, Momschool needs to start, kitties need to be fed and I need to stop blogging. :( It is so sad when a woman can't just blog all day long isn't it? I'll be back soon to comment on your loverly blog, don't you worry.

In the meanttime, leave me a comment and a tweet, and I'll get back to you.
K? :)

Have an awesome day you guys!! :) Muah!!! Thanks to all you NEW followers who just joined. I will try my hardest to keep you entertained!!!! :)


Kristina P. said...

I think that the deals on Screamin Deal are awesome!

Amber Page Writes said...

Well, you are a busy lady, aren't you! I might join in that 120 mile challenge with you...I'm runnin' anyway!

T said...

hmmm... I should go and check this out... would I actually have to RUN those 120 miles, or could I walk them? (wait, I already do about 20 a week) how 'bout the spin bike... I hate those ones!

Running is for people being chased by wild rabid animals.

singedwingangel said...

Ok I was wondering what momschool was. What an awesome idea. except the only way I could do it is to have a vehicle which I don't. Cause mine would be field trips lol. 120 miles?! You go girl.. I wish Ihad time to do that I need to get rid of this weight too. Wait did you say I woul dhave to get away from the puter.. ummm well ummm errrr yeah ... moving on lol..

Garden of Egan said...

I still am undecided if I would want to be your child. Momschool is really a good idea, I just don't think I'd wanna do it. There would be lots of whining! I wanna sleep in and let my brain rot.

Too bad screamin' coupons don't do Idaho yet.

Hugs for ya!!!!
Even though you Momschool, I love ya anyway.

Evonne said...

My goodness you are busy! School lets out in 2 days (aahh) so I'm sure I'll be busy, too.

Patty Ann said...

I also do "mom school", but I have to do it in the evening. I work during the day. The kids are in play practice for another week, they have chores and worksheets that I assigned them the night before. They have to practice piano for one-half hour and also their second instrument. It keeps fighting and TV to the minimum. If I come home and things aren't done, they get more "homework" they don't like that, so they are pretty good about doing what they need to. We do fieldtrips on weekends and evenings. I even found an amazing book it is called "Homeschool your child for free". It is amazing and has oodles of websites that you can visit with your kids and learn from. Good luck with your summer schedule! You are right. They need and want structure!

Debbie D said...

Sounds like controlled chaos to me. Good for you. My summer goal is to get reacquainted with my gym. Too bad it's not "Jim" ha, ha, ha! Mom school sounds fabulous. I need to keep my kids up on math especially. But they would read all day if I let them...

Lisa said...

Ah! Wish I hadn't read your blog today. Now I feel guilty. But I think I can shut up those feelings with chocolate. Actually, not so much to feel guilty about with the Mom school, since my daughter only has 2 weeks off between fourth and fifth grade.

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