Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Mingle: WORK, WORK WORK *sigh* The story of my life

You can't escape it, can you?
You have to work.
You want money? Well, you gotta WORK.

Yup, It is Monday Mingle again!! YAY! And this week, all the questions are about WORK.
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All about work
1. Tell us some of your previous job titles. Which was your favorite job?
2. Who is is the worst boss you ever had?
3. Who was your favorite boss?

My lips and mouth may not be in synch this week. I'm not sure what is up. I swear I need a video camera. Anyone want to give one to me? :)


Donda said...

You have an award over on my blog!!! Come pick it up when you get a chance

Unknown Mami said...

How do you keep from sweating in that kind of heat?

You should get a Flip video camera. They are not that expensive and you will love it.

One Cluttered Brain said...

@ Mami I usually just walk to my car that has a/c and drive. Any destination I go to has A/C so I'm good there. PLUS my home has A/C.

And I have a pool.
WHEW. If it weren't for A/C and a pool, I'd be screwed.

As for the flip, as soon as I get some money, I WILL get a video camera....Mark my words.

Holly said...

Previous Jobs: Child/Teen Model, Trade show Host, cashier/food prep/fry cook/waitress (same place), various waitress positions, reservationist and dinner/cocktail waitress for a dinner cruise ship, Box office manager, home day care, Too many home party rep crap... LOL!, line assembly, sonic welder, machinist, Cafeteria Manager, Bridal Shop Owner/Operator/consultant, Photographer/Graphic Design (not WEB DESIGN... print design)... WHEW!!
WORST BOSS: Margene at production plant. I was a darn good/hard worker. Once I switched to the grave shift and upped production, she would not release me for any of the promotions I applied for because SHE wouldn't be able to get anyone to run ALL the machines BY themselves and keep up with day time production with 3 different operators. When I NEEDED to go back to days, she wouldn't LET me. She would talk to ME as if nothing I did was ENOUGH... but to other managers that wanted to promote me, she would tell them that the department couldn't get along without me and she couldn't release me... so the positions would go to others. I went on FMLA after having 2nd to youngest and she HAD to do without me for 6 weeks. I mentally could NOT GO BACK TO THAT shift... It was completely affecting my ability to raise my children properly... so I DIDN'T!! I QUIT and stayed at home with my BABY!!
Favorite BOSS: EASY PEASY... ME!! LOL!! The bridal shop and photography/Design have been the most rewarding. Everything was/is a result of my hard and I KNOW the job I do and there is no one picking me apart and trying to exercise their AUTHORITY over me...
OK, that's probably NOT what you were looking for... I DID have other great bosses... There was Alex at The Picture Show that entrusted me with a BIG JOB, had confidence in me and always let me know how much he appreciated ALL that I did!! Now wouldn't THAT ALONE make ANYONE WANT to be a GREAT WORKER??? Then there was The Henderson's of Captain Anderson II! I was hired as a reservationist during the days. When they had a waitress quit and it was close to time to sail for the evening, they came into the office and asked if I'd be willing to pull a double as a waitress that night. They knew I had waitress experience from my ap. They also knew I NEEDED the money. I picked it up easy and they were impressed. They asked if I wanted to take her place permanently. If so, they always made sure I got the break needed before the evening shift began and I was able to make the extra money needed. (This was before my first child was born, so it was a welcome opportunity. They showed appreciation, too!!

So people, some tips on being a GOOD BOSS: Clearly define WHAT you expect and when those expectations are MET, show appreciation!! When those expectations are EXCEEDED, SHOW your APPRECIATION even MORE!! It makes them WANT to do GREAT things for YOU!! ;D DO NOT take them for GRANTED!!

Living the Scream said...

I also was a CNA. Funny. I can't believe it is that hot!! WOW

Annie said...

I love the sunshine! Too bad it is so hot :(

My mom has been a CNA for 20 years and loved it. She is now a ward clerk or medical secretary :)

Stupid boss, glad you got out of that job fast!

Nolie said...

Hey you forgot me. I have been mingling outside lately too. It's always great to have a boss that cares about those who work for them and the people they work for.

The Royal Family said...

WOW you worked in SLC... I am in utah, are you still in utah??? no 114degrees can't be utah. OUCH!

anyway great to mingle agian!

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

114° ACK! I would melt! We were in the upper 90s the past couple of weeks here in St. Louis (which is above average for June here) and it was miserable - plus our humidity was so bad!

Sometimes I use a Flip for my vlogs, but usually I use my Microsoft Lifecam webcam - not very expensive at all and the mic is built in even :-)

Daenel said...

Ack! Heat! That's why I mingled inside today. LOL

CNA is a cool job to have. All of my nurse friends enjoy it.

Caring bosses are awesome!

Have a good week.

Jendi said...

I can see you being a great CNA! I don't have that gift.

I'm noticing a trend that the favorite jobs are where the favorite bosses were.

Have a great week!

alyna said...


You have a pool...oh, I miss having a pool SO much. Hopefully a long weekend at the beach will suffice! :-)

Phew! 114 is mighty hot! Even without humidity.

I have the older (ahem, cheaper!) version of the Vado HD and that works really well for me. Plug it in, hit the YouTube button and it uploads it for you. So light and looong battery life, I keep it in my purse so that anytime I want to catch my puppy or my man doing something cute, well, I whip it out and get it on video. It weighs less than my cell phone and is about the same size. I've heard mixed reviews about the newer Vados though...but the older one, for what it is, it's perfect. You aren't going to want to shoot a wedding video on it or anything but, perfect for saving all those little moments. :-)

Hope you have a Happy Fourth of July with your family!
~ Alyna

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