Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WIMTSW ----> Things that piss me off!


Really? It is almost Wednesday?
My favorite meme, Hands down. Honest.

This is my WIMTSW:

To Blogger and Zemanta: I downloaded Zemanta to my browser to help me post pics to my posts. It worked out for a little while and then...it didn't. It caused my blog to NOT load or edit any posts because it was taking WAY TOO LONG to load all its stuff.

What I meant to say: "Really? Stop messing with me Zemanta. I just want to add like 3 more sentences and then I'm done. STOP freezing up!!! You  #@$* piece of !#$@!!! *sigh*
  I removed Zemanta this morning and my blog loads and edits just fine. Whew!

To the month of June: Didn't June just start last week? I mean come on, slow down a bit will ya?

WIMTS:  "YAY! YAY! June is over, Then July and at the end of August school starts up again!! YAY! I stink at Mom school. I get tired and I forget what to teach, and I just can't do it anymore. I am NOT cut out to be a full-time teacher.  The faster we get through July and August the faster I get to send the kids back to school.... Thank goodness, I thought June would never end."

To the people who said they wanted kitties and responded to email to me: "Great! When do you want to see them? When do you want to pick them up?"
When they never responded: WIMTS---> "Really? Don't give me a phone number without an area code, I live on the border, there are like 3 diff. area codes it can be...Grrr...."
"Why email me saying you want kittens if you were NOT interested in the first place?" And then a week later, said lady wants to IM me in my gmail account. "Hello? I don't even know you lady... just take a @#$% kitten OFF of my hands....!!!"

That's it folks.
I loved getting that off my chest.
Jeez. I mean some people.

Now leave a comment on my post...'Cause you love me...
Then link up over at Angel's...OR Brittany's..They'll love you FOREVER....:)

And I promise they don't bite....
Just don't piss Angel off...She can make fire come out of her head...LOL.

 P.S. -->Also have you heard of Brittany's blog bash she is holding in July? It's awesome, and a great WAY to grow your blog...Instructions are on her blog...:) Or just click the word "instructions" on my blog....

Blog Bash


Donda said...

Good news, approximately 49 days til school starts! Oh yes, I am counting...my kids miss school!

This is my favorite meme too! What I meant to say.....what the eff does meme stand for???

singedwingangel said...

I too have some kitties for giveaway minus one who I discovered has one blue eye and one green eye cool huh.. I could never teach either I would hurt someone and Ihave never heard of the program you used lol I love Mozilla cause I have never had issues with it at all.

Brittany Ciara said...

These summer months honestly need to slow down. Will you please stop making them go faster? lol

Thanks for playing! :D and the Blog Bash shoutout!

Wendy said...

OH I have plenty of those What I meant to say moments.... wonder if I could come up with something appropriate though... I don't want to sound too nasty, you know. hehe.. loved the post.

Holly said...

Never heard of Zemanta... but thanks for the heads up so I never USE it!! ;D

May ADD or WORSE child thinks I should home school him... HELLLOOOOoooo... If I have a hard time getting him through his HOMEWORK without restraining myself from WRINGING his NECK... Yeah! I think NOT, my friend! WHEW!!


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hehe, that is why I keep my Gmail chat off all the time, lol!!

Ruth said...

When making calls for work, I ALWAYS have to check the area code for who I am calling. Sometimes it is one I have not heard of.

Brittney said...

oh no dont rush it... my kid dont start school in august but i do waaah! haha!!

Jules said...

Sorry I do not have kids and my dogs are trained but I do appreciate summer is moving to fast.

I love your clutter ind though

Lisa said...

I think we need a "what I meant to say" translator built into the English language...or any language. Maybe put the button on our forehead. Then when wives say something, their husband can push the button and REALLY understand what he needs to do in order to live. Sorry you have left over kitties. Good luck with that!

T said...

someone called this morning to see if I'd done my June V.T. - ummm, what the heck, isn't it like the 17th still???

WIMTS was - hey, you want to call them all today be my guest...

WIDS (what I DID say) oh sure, I'll make some phone calls

WIRM (what a really meant) hey, yeah - I'll try to call them sometime... if I remember

I'm horrible.

Krista said...

You are a funny woman! I love you to pieces! And I mean what I say!

AJ said...

haha... I am so down to around 42ish days... yes. I AM COUNTING TOO!

I never knew how torturous summer was for my parents!

Erin said...

To my children who used ink pen to draw all over their headboards, I say, THANK YOU.


Living the Scream said...

It is nice to rant some times! That is a good Meme

From Tracie said...

I told you cats mean "Ach-oooo Achhhh-ooooo Accccchhhhh-ooooooooo!!" for me...and I live in Florida, so that isn't helpful either!

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