Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday Mingle with EightyMPHMom--You seen her around lately?

I'm not sure where the lovely host of Monday Mingle is, but we all know EightyMPHmom hosts it.
Maybe she will post her mingle tomorrow. But I figured, I have the questions, why not?
If you go over to her site right now, 8:29 PM Pacific Standard time you will not find the latest Monday Mingle. But perhaps I am just early. *sigh* I'm like that I guess.

Anyhoo, This week's questions were  (submitted by Dee from Say Anything)

All about Aging
1. What is the one thing you find most frustrating about getting older?
2. What is the one thing you like best about it?
3. What age did you look forward to most?

Now on to the mingle! 

Maybe I'll get to link up tomorrow! Who knows?
But Enjoy my mingle today you guys!! ;)
If YOU didn't see me dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe yet, take a look below!


Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

Nice to see you again!
What a great vlog, I love your idea - just awesome!!
Hate that mirror - I broke mine.
And, I look forward to that age too - Freedom!! Yippeee!!!

I love your humor lady!
look at you dance!! I'll have the song stuck in my head all night

Have a great week!

Nolie said...

I am way too chicken shit to pluck. My eyebrows are nasty but I don't care. I don't do pain. Grandkids will be nice. In about 30 years from now is what I tell my son.

OMG nice dancing. Kudos to you for putting that up.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Oh I stay away from those mirrors. No bueno!

I definitely look forward to being a grandparent. I think that will be a blast.

Mine's up!

Lua said...

omg ever since having my son I've sprouted chin hairs! WHAAAAT?!? thumbs up! I totally think as we get older & more comfortable in our skin...we gain confidence! Awesome! I love that!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Aging does suck...I'm not a fan of it : )

Thanks for mingling!

Mellisa Rock said...

OHHHHH I forgot the tiny little hairs!! They suck!! :) I want that for my Hubby and I can go...

Have a great week!

The Royal Family said...

the vacation ideas sound great,
I am a new comer to monday mingle it's been fun, nice to MEET you.

The buzz, Brandy

Daenel said...

LOL Plucking hairs! That's too funny.

Yay for self confidence!

Hahaha I remember seeing line dancing to Cotton Eye Joe at a wedding once. Thanks for the memory.

Have a good week.

Mainline Mom said...

Well, it seems we answered the last two questions the SAME! I read the question wrong too :) You are too funny with that dancing.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! You go girl! That's so stinkin' awesome! You'll have to give me dancing lessons sometime!

1coolmama said...

I had a chin hair the other day. i saw it in the sunlight while I was driving and pulled out my tweezers and ripped that puppy out. my boyfriend was so grossed out. great dancing.

Tree said...

LMAO Love your Cotton-Eyed Joe dance! I love to dance for exercise, and that looks like a great one! And I know all about those horrid chin/neck hairs...UGH! lol

Following both of your blogs now! :)

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
Mother of Pearl It Is

Momnerd said...

LOL, love it! I looked forward to 30, I thought I would have it all together by then. Ha. ha. ha ha. Anyway, I don't really mind the gray hairs and wrinkles, but my getting older means my kids are, and that just makes me sad. :(

Telling Dad said...

Hey! Great mingle and you actually managed to give a pretty good tour of a small area.

As a dude, I don't have to pluck anything. I SHOULD. But I don't. I kind of have this slowwww evolving wolfman thing starting. Where Teen Wolf changed in an instant from normal to hairy beast, my metamorphosis is taking years.

Nice dancing but I'm not entirely sure Cotton Eyed Joe is country. One verse repeated six hundred times to fiddles...I'm not too sure there is even a designation for that. :)

Living the Scream said...

Love the vlog today your intro was so professional. I also love the comments while you talk. you are way funny. I also look forward to when the kids are older sometimes!

the Johnson Family said...

LOL... I loved the in the bathroom vlog... you are brave!

Tweezers are nice... the greys bother me more though.. LOL

Self-confidence is a huge plus!

Sorry I am late in the week, but I am slowly getting there. :)

alyna said...

Woo hoo! You go girl!!!

I went through mingles backwards this week because, well, just, why NOT? Anyway, I'm here and I liked your mingle this week. So relaxed and honest. :-)

Loved the dancing too. Reminded me, I need to wear my pink, sequined, cowboy hat now that it is Summer and I don't need to wear winter hats. Maybe it will appear in an upcoming mingle.

Go 34! Did you mention your age? Not sure but I saw you mention it in a comment somewhere. Cheers lady! 34 rocks!

Have a great weekend!
~ Alyna

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