Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Fairy Blogmother

 EDITED: I found the post about your fairy Blogmother on Blogger's Concierge. NOT Lady Blogger's Society. Still both EXCELLENT sites! Thanks Beth for the link! :) And now you know that my mind really is cluttered...*sigh*


I read an excellent post yesterday on the Lady Blogger's Society site.  Blogger's Concierge like I said above said it...Anyhoo, It was all about finding your Fairy Blogmother. 

  Lady Blogger's society No, Blogger's concierge said your fairy blogmother is someone who has taken the time to help you set up your site, answer ALL your question's about blogging and tweeting, your blogmother is your mentor in blogging.
   At the end of the article, they asked us who our blogging mentor is. I thought long and hard over this one. I have asked many people questions about blogging and html and the whole point to this blogging thing. In the end though, I came up with one person that has inspired me to want to blog. At first, all I wanted to do was win a cool giveaway item off of her site. (I swear she has the coolest stuff to give away!) And then, I loved her adorable header. I also loved the way she seemed to speak to me when I would read her blog.
   I'm sure you are all wondering who my fairy blogmother is.

Yeah, I thought so.

I have actually talked about this wonderful lady before. She actually helped design my header for One Cluttered Brain. She is none other that Momnerd herself.

I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank Momnerd for helping me re-design my blog header and making my button, and for being my friend. Thank you, and you will always have a special place in my heart. So you are my fairy blogmother. You have helped my blog look fancy-like. You have answered my questions. Thanks girl!

There is also one more gal who is my fairy blogmother too. And that would be AJ @ Simple Sweet Inspirations.

Simple Sweet Inspiration

This gal has proved her value and worth for me for re-configuring my HTML so it would look like it is today. (post plus 2 sidebars) She also numbered my comments. Before I asked her if she could help me, I hadn't noticed this before, but she has her OWN design site where she helps people with their websites. And she is very affordable too. Maybe you ought to check her out. She rocks!

So I have two fairy blogmothers. AJ and Momnerd. Who are your fairy blogmothers? 
Because let's face it, we all should have a fairy blogmother, Right? :)


Beth Zimmerman said...

I suppose we should forgive you for referencing the wrong place for the post since your brain is cluttered and all! ;) It was actually at The Blogger's Concierge (but I'm glad you got it wrong since I now discovered The Lady Blogger's Society.) the address is http://thebloggersconcierge.com/?p=153

And I just found MomNerd yesterday (maybe through you?). Her blog is too cute! Looking forward to getting to know her!

AJ said...

awww, thank you! I am honored to be one of your fairy blogmothers!

I guess that makes you cinderella.

You are such a blog princess!! ;)

Garden of Egan said...

I think you are my fairy blogmother.
OK maybe my Sensai!

I love you!

T said...

maybe if I LISTENED to your advice and actually DID something with my blog you could be my fairy blogmother... right now I think my fairy blogmother is shaking her head and shame and thinking "man, what a waste of those glass slippers!" or maybe "man, what a waste of that Twitter tutorial" (for the record I DID get on Twitter today... I'm not a COMPLETE wash out!)

Living the Scream said...

what a cute name Fairy Blogmother lol Loved the post! You are so nice to everyone. so of course you have people being nice to you!!

Momnerd said...

LOL, thanks so much Alexes! This is one blogmother who has had her sweet little Cinderella turn into a princess and pass her up big time in the blog arena! But really, I'm just happy for you. I'm sorry I've been so busy with other stuff. Love you!

Krista said...

My BFF, Karen, at Surrounded by Seamonkeys is my Fairy Blogmother. She has taken a break for a little while, but she has inspired me in a lot of ways, besides blogging. Her SIL actually inspired both of us and I have taught lots of people how to set up a blog. I love the blog world and have met so many wonderful people who i would not know. Thanks for being one of them!

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