Thursday, June 17, 2010

My daughter is probably going to be a writer someday.

You all know I have been doing Mom school with my kids--AKA: Practicing subjects in the summer that they might forget if Mom school was not available. So yesterday, I gave my children a writing prompt. The prompt was:
If Children ruled the World, wouldn't it be a happy sight?
My daughter came up with a pretty good story and I would like to share it with you. This is why I think she could have a career in writing someday. Or at the very least blog writing. :)

"If children ruled the world, wouldn't it be a happy sight? Everyone would probably have cavities because kids would serve candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention what the economy would be like kids being president and all. No offense, but some ADULTS don't even know how to run the government. Plus, they would probably smash down all the buildings and turn them into amusement parks. one of the good things about kids ruling the world is there would be no wars. Oh wait, yes there would probably be wars too, how often did you fight with your siblings? There would be no way of getting an education because all the schools would be torn down. And all the amusement parks would be suckish because there would be no engineers to make awesome roller coasters. Also kids would probably starve because they tore down the buildings and turned them into lame amusement parks. We would basically be in a state of nature. That's why adults are in charge. So kids don't run wild like banshees."

This is a word-for-word copy and paste to what my daughter wrote. She is pretty creative and brilliant huh?

And probably not too far off.

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Braden said...

That is hilarious--and quite wise! I love this sentence: "all the amusement parks would be suckish because there would be no engineers to make awesome roller coasters".

AJ said...

I like how she progresses through the process... at first it sounds pretty good (except for the cavities) and then it just goes downhill fast!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I think she's brilliant ... and incredibly practical! How old is she?

Krista said...

And she has the answers to all life's questions already! I'm sure I would have been beheaded long ago if kids were in charge. Mimi would have said, "Off with her head!" long ago.

Vodka Logic said...

Very cool.. how old is she.

Kids have a lot more insite than most of us adults give them credit for

Patty Ann said...

Love her ideas! I also love the picture of the book "Where the Wild Things Are"
That is one of my all time favorites and so appropriate for her essay!
Great job mom!

Cheeseboy said...

She is wise beyond her years. Adults don't even know how to run the government. - classic.

Lisa said...

YES, creative and brilliant! And not about to bite the hand that feeds her. :)

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