Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I announced this on Twitter a few moments ago. A couple of my Twitter  buds showed up, and salivated at the thought of chocolate and peanut butter. YUM!  :)

Since Dove_Chocolate was kind enough to send me 2 bags of chocolate, I am giving one AWAY to a lucky reader of mine!! I HEART giveaways, don't you?

Okay, here's what you MUST do to be included in this wonderful giveaway of PEANUT butter and chocolate.

It's not that hard really.

Wait for it...

MANDATORY ENTRY: Must do this to be entered into this Chocolate giveaway!!!

Okay. Now that I have your attention. :)
Post a picture of you with your favorite chocolate. OR if you are not a HAM like me, take a picture of your favorite chocolate and tell me WHY you like it so darn much.
No camera?
Google your favorite piece of chocolate. (Trust me, everything is on Google.)
Then tell me why you like it so much.
You can blog about it, you can upload your chocolate to Twitter and tweet about it. :)), You can VLOG about it, (That's when you turn your video camera on and record yourself telling me why YOU heart your fave chocolate bar so much), you can email me about it, (oneclutteredbrain AT gmail DOT com)...

That's about it.
Then obviously come back here and link up your chocolate (uh, your post.:))...(Oooh, wouldn't that be heavenly if you all sent me your fave piece of chocolate for reals???) YUM. That would be good.

EXTRA Entries:

'Cause I'm sure you are gonna go RUN over and Subscribe...heheh. LOL. Really I'm funny. I am. Honest.

SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel!!

Follow me on Twitter! (I am the BIGGEST twitter nerd you have ever met. You ALL will want to follow me on here.)

Like my Facebook fan page? Start a discussion on there. But you have to be a FAN there first...:))

That's enough extra entries. Too many extra stuff to do and I get a headache...HAHA!

DISCLAIMER: This was totally my idea. Dove chocolate sent me some chocolate to review, and I decided to be nice and share. I know, I know, So thoughtful of me, huh? :)) I was only compensated in chocolate. 

This is my first time using Mr. Linky on my OWN blog. If you are experiencing any technical difficulty please let me know. THANKS!
You can always leave your link in the comment if I messed up.

This Giveaway ENDS May 11, 2010 at Midnight Pacific TIME. ;) Link up FAST! ;)
Should I use Random.org to decide the winner or an elite panel of judges? Elite panel of judges= my Latest and greatest friends...:)
Most creative entry wins it? What do you say? Tell me!

Thumbnails:  1 entries so far... you're next!

You are next...
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elizabeth said...

Oooh! Yummie! I facebooked about chocolated. Done the hands on research on it, too! ;)


Thanks for following my blog and for shouting out about my birthday contest!!! :)

Yoly said...

Love any peanut butter chocolate... especially those new Dove bars - yummo!

petteytiffany@yahoo.com said...

here is the link for my favorite chocolate

petteytiffany@yahoo.com said...

twitter follower

petteytiffany@yahoo.com said...

youtube subscriber

petteytiffany@yahoo.com said...

fb fan and/or liked
tiffany b pettey

Susan said...

My favorite chocolate happens to be Almond M&Ms. It is the perfect way for me to get in my daily dose of protein! I really do love chocolate.

rsmstahley @ adelphia dot net

Susan said...

I follow you on twitter @rsmstahley
rsmstahley @ adelphia dot net

Susan said...

I am a FB fan/like and started a discussion about (drumroll please....) Chocolate!

rsmstahley @ adelphia dot net

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