Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get your vlog on AND What I meant to say Wednesday with Angel! :)

Hey y'all! I am doing a little double dipping today. Angel said it was alright to do it so I am gonna to do it. :)
I am participating in Angel's FIRST bloggy carnival. She bought the carnival from Chief in the bloggy world. (The meme got auctioned off, Angel's raffle won!!)

Anyhoo, This is MY first participation in What I meant to say Wednesday...;)

    Yesterday when my stomach started acting up with cramps and such, I just sat there and took it. I took some Pepto-Bismol for some relief and waited for the cramps to subside. What I really wanted to say, was "Hey! Don't you know I'm a busy mom and I don't have time for this stomach cramp nonsense? LEAVE me alone!!!!"

When my daughter came up to me and started talking about her field day was this Friday, and the school could use some help with it I sighed. I told her, "That's when I am going to be out of town, sweetie. I can't possibly help."
  What I meant to say: "Listen up kid. I told you this a couple of weeks ago, I'll be out of town that weekend. I already helped with the playground olympics--I paid my parent-volunteer duties for the year." Right?

I'm not sure if I'm any good with this meme.
I'm not sure if I'm doing it justice.

One more.
When I had to change my license this year AND register my car in NV, I waited for about three hours. When they finally called my name, I had all the paperwork to give her, I just could NOT pass the eye test. *SIGH*
She tells me, "Please read the 12 numbers."
"I can only read 8."
She tells me again, "Please read it again."
Same response.
I asked her if I could drive back get my glasses, and then resume my place in line. She said, "Go get your glasses quickly, and come back to my line. I'll help you when you get back."

What I wanted to say WHEN I could NOT pass the eye test:
"I don't realize if you know this or not lady, but sitting here and wasting my precious time is NOT what I had in mind for today. Just give me my license AND my NV plates and let me be on my way! THANKS!"

When my hubby only waited about 45 minutes to get the same thing done, I sighed. "Lucky."
What I really meant to say was, "Are you kidding me? Really? I was hoping you would have to wait as long as me and be as miserable as I was. DARN! Totally NOT fair!"

That's it for WIMTSW. There you go Angel. :)

GET YOUR VLOG ON!! with LizzieBTV!

How to make a fluffer nutter sandwich! :) (peanut butter AND marshmellow creme!)


singedwingangel said...

YOu did great and ty so much for jumping on the bandwagon. Seeeee double dipping is fun ehehe hey I triple dipped today lol..
Yeah I woulda gone nutso at the DMV.. absolutely. psycho. crazy.
Thank heavens it ain't like that here. We walk in pay the taxes and out with a new license plate. same with license no vision test nothing.. gotta love Ky lol

From Tracie said...

DMVs are the worst! I can't blame you for wanting the hubby to have to wait as long as you did.
hehe I'm bad like that! =)

Mormon Surrogate said...

School can be so frustrating. My kids would do that to me all the time. My life is so peaceful without dealing with my kids being in school and all that goes with it.

Ok sweetie, just wondering... why didn't you have your glasses with you?
I have a Florida driver's license. It has a picture of me when I was 21. It doesn't expire till next year. How cool is that? LOL. Long story....

Just stopped by to show I still care! :)

Brittney said...

lol you did wimtsw like a pro :)

JRiggles said...

I have yet to volunteer at kids school. And now it almost over. I like the excuse that I still have two little ones at home..what will I say next year when I only have one at home???

Erin said...

I loathe the DMV. Ugh! 3 hours??!?! seriously?!!?

p.s. fluffernutter vlog made me drool. i hadn't heard of that one. i have heard of PB + Nutella, but haven't tried that either. i'm too worried i'd get hooked!

great job and looks like it was a winner with the wee one!

Dr. Heckle said...

HAHA, That's an interesting concept.

"This car you sold me broke down after having it a week."

What I meant to say:

"Hey Douchebag? Do you like being kicked in the testicles?"

Linda Ramos said...

DMV's are never fun!!

I love jam in between the pb and fluff.. yea.. I am odd.

Unknown Mami said...

I would lose my mind at the DMV for 3 hours.

Braden said...

I HATE the DMV!!!! They are all awful. The ones in NYC, though, are absolutely hellish.

Laura said...

The DMV sucks. Also, I like your glasses. I just ordered new frames, and I'm waiting very impatiently for them to get here!

-Laura from LaLaGirl

Kara said...

Oh, yeah! I need to get my Texas license. It's becoming urgent. I'm waaaaay past my 60 days. :-) DMVs are always interesting. Often, there's no wait at ours. I'll just call before going.

Great demo on the sandwiches. So how do those taste? I can't even imagine what a marshmallow with peanut butter on it tastes like. Maybe we'll try it out this summer. Well, the girls, that is.

Your daughter is darling! Makes me miss having really young ones around the house for just a few seconds. LOL! She is such a doll!!

AJ said...

:) 1. I like this one! I totally agree about the DMV... but what I meant to say can't be written on a blog... because it's just not nice...

2. Did you realize that we have "competing" followers numbers (not that it matters) but every day your number goes up by one, and mine goes up by one... and we both have the same number of followers... it's kinda fun... inside my head. :)

YuriS_New家愛 said...


1coolmama said...

pb and fluff a timeless classic and a mama's dream. Love you vlogs, look forward to them each week

Krista said...

Your little girl is darn darlin'! You could just eat her up instead of a fluffernutter sandwich.

Valerie said...

I did not need to know how to make that sandwich ;)

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