Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a blog, so now what?

So you got yourself a free blog from Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, OR one of those cool self-hosted blog platforms like wordpress.org. :))

What are you going to do now?

When I started a blog, WAY back in October of 2008, I had NO idea how to blog. Or what to put in a post.
I just figured it was journal of sorts, and I would write about what I was doing and stuff like that. REAL boring stuff. My first post was lame. You so don't want to ever read it. Really.

It was BEFORE I discovered paragraphs too.  (Note to self: Space OUT your blog post. Must not have run-on sentences in one LONG post. People will probably not read it.

With that in mind, here are some tips I have picked up along the way regarding blogging.

  • Bullet lists are your friend.  (With the majority of people these days, your post must be FAST and EASY to read. Bullet lists help that. :)
  • Make your blog post interesting. Please don't tell me what you ate for dinner last night and that you were so bored the other night you picked lint off your new sweater.
  • Pictures help. Insert random HOT pictures of good-looking celebrities. People will at least look at your post.
  • Twitter helps. I have a Google reader. I have Blogger dashboard. But if you could tweet your posts, I probably will read those posts first BEFORE my Google reader even.
  • Google ideas for blog posts if you have writer's block. Google is your friend, remember. :)
  • It takes time to build a following. Use Blogfrog, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, comments around blogland, Youtube, Get your name out there! Use the social media tools to your advantage.
  • Link up to your friends. Everyone LOVES a shout-out every now and then. I just recently discovered Jennyonthespot. You all should check her out. And if you are not already following Miss Amber Page Writes. I suggest you do. She is an awesome writer and she is cool just like me.

That's about it for my tips.

Do you have any tips about blogging YOU have picked up along your way?
Feel free to share them with me below! :)

Chris Noth image obtained through Google images and can be found here--http://www.topnews.in/files/chris-noth-555.jpg

Blog image can be found at http://www.masternewmedia.org/images/how-to-blog-blackboard-classroom_id785240_size485.jpg.

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mommaof3 said...

Oh My i have writers and vlog block everyday lol

Jackie said...

I found you at MMB and I am loving your blog already! Thanks for the tips! I subscribed!

From Tracie said...

You are so cracking me up with the paragraphs comment...I just went back and looked at some old posts the other night and was left wondering if I was scared of spaces back then! lol

Cheeseboy said...

Having blogged for two years in relative obscurity and then suddenly had oodles of popularity, I figured out why:

No one is going to even visit your blog unless you comment on yours first. I never commented on any blog for two years and only my close friends and family read it. Then I made one comment on one blog and I suddenly had followers. I've learned blogging is so give and take and you have to be willing to give.

These are great suggestions too. I especially like good-looking celebrities photos, but appreciate the ones of women.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

My tip is to try to limit the loooooooong posts. I don't have time to read a novel. Once in awhile a long post is warranted but half of the time it's not. I've heard that people are willing to scroll down twice. Any more than that and you've lost them...usually.

Unknown Mami said...

Blogging is a relationship. It's not just about you. You gotta give to get.

~Kimberly Andrews said...

Great post! I agree with all your tips. For sure, great ideas & glad I'm following your blog.

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