Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Mingle: Memorial Day weekend and WHEW! I'm tired edition.

I just got back from a fabulous blogger conference! I met a TON of cool and AWESOME bloggers. I learned a TON of things, helped people sign up on Twitter and taught them how to tweet, and numerous other things I could mention but must save for other blog posts.

On to the Monday mingle.

This is the post that I have laughed the hardest and the mostest this month. (Yup, mostest IS a word, in my book anyway.) Shades of blonde is a hilarious lady, READ her NOW!
Make sure you comment on her post, Absolutely hilarious--a bit of toilet humor but VERY funny nonetheless. :)


Garden of Egan said...

OK YOU are about the funniest person I have ever met! Seriously!
It was awesome to meet you.

Uh, about hurrying to sign up on Skyp so I could get have NO idea what a computer dork I am. I have NO savvy of the language.
I'm going to have to take babysteps and YOU are going to have to talk in slow motion to teach me.
Thanks for hanging out with me even though I didn't feel worthy to be with someone as awesome as you.
(Oh, I'm an Idahoan by the way.)

Holly said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment you left on my blog this evening. Love the vlog post! I'm surprised I am even still awake given how exhausted I am. DId we meet at CBC??? Are you going to BlogHer?

Nice to discover your blog!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hello! The conference sounds like a blast - I am so glad you were able to attend, and meet other bloggers. That is always so fun.

I hope you didn't laugh out loud at the conference while reading her blog...OOPS!

Thanks for mingling - I hope you have a great week. Get some rest k?

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

So glad to hear you had fun at the conference. Blogging conferences are the best.

Fantastic necklace!

Glad to be mingling with you again.

Funny... I never like crime novels... lol.

I also haven't yet done a walk or run for a charity.

Funny that you laughed out loud from that blog while you were in a session.

Chat more soon,

Lisa Brown said...

Ooh - the blogger conference DOES sound like a lot of fun! I'm with ya on James Patterson - he's great! And ya gotta love how the chapters are only, like 5 pages! You'd think it'd make you read less, but I read MORE that way.... flipping a few pages ahead, thinking "oh, I can read 5 more pages..." A process that repeats itself indefinitely! :)

1coolmama said...

sounds like you had fun at the cbc. can't wait to see your swag. I am a newbie, can't wait to go to a conference. will checkout shades of blonde

T said...

my husband got a good kick out of my live, laugh, blog necklace - haven't taken it off yet!

thanks so for the twitter tutelage - hopefully I can keep up with everything :)

Linda Ramos said...

I love the necklace! I need to get back to blogging more. The conference sounds like a blast.

I was also a fan of Judy Blume back in the day.

Nolie said...

Can't wait to hear more about the conference. Going to check out the blog you linked to. Have a great week.

Daenel said...

Such a pretty necklace ~ love!

James Patterson is a really cool writer. I do enjoy his books.

Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to meet you at CBC. It was such a great weekend! I am totally jealous of your cute necklace. It only went to the people who signed up early. Next year I'll be signing up the first day! ;)

Allison Howie said...

Your conference sounds great, and your necklace is awesome! I wish I had a conference near me! Everyone is coming up with such good books- I used to really enjoy the Judy Blume books too as a kid. I think 'Are you there God, its me margaret' was my favourite.

Nice to see you again, have a good week , Highland Mummy(Allison)

Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach said...

Hey!! I am so glad you came over and said hello on my blog - I have been happily checking yours out for like an hour now! hahaha

Sounds like the blogger conference was awesome - I hope to make some soon... I always end up hearing about them AFTER the fact, lol

Love that necklace, I have a few friends I would love to send that to!

Excited to follow you now and "see" you every Monday!!

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