Thursday, March 25, 2010

AHEM....50 things about Me!

I am pulling this one from the archives. Just so YOU can know a little more about ME. Links to people may or may not work since this is an older post. :)
As you are reading this I am celebrating with some old friends that I live 6 hours away from. <----Sad but true story.

Since this is my 50th post and everything I asked around to see what people are doing for their most important 50th post. MERRIANNE told me I could mention 50 things about myself. SO here it goes. . .

1-I am first and foremost a friend. My husband and I started off as friends. Friendship is wonderful, don't ya think?

2-I like to write. Part of the reason I started blogging is because I thought it would help my writing. (It has. It also has helped me make GREAT friends.)

3- I like cats. Recently I picked up a stray that was hanging out at my doorstep a couple of months ago. Found out she was pregnant and NOW we have 4 sweet kittens. (We are giving them away.)

4-Blogging is an excellent way to make friends. (Oh and BTW, I like blogging can YOU tell?)

5-I LOVE chocolate! (Who doesn't?)

6-I like laughing with my friends. (Especially at your blog posts. You PEOPLE are something else.)

7-I like to read. Probably should post a current reading list on here sometime. (So many books, so little time.)

8-I LOVE the beach! (How did I end up in Utah where there is NO BEACH at all? Went to college out here,got married, had children, and haven't been back. I WILL someday make my move to the EAST. I miss my family.)

9-I LOVE romantic comedies!(I watch other shows too but ROMANCE is where it's at BABY.)

10-I am OBSESSED with Law and Order SVU. (I love Christoher Meloni! And yes my hubby already knows.)

11-I google everything!!! (Well, almost everything. When is the last time you googled yourself?)

12-I DON'T like getting stuck behind SLOW people when I am obviously in a hurry. Period.

13-I am a compulsive email checker. I mean honestly how many times does one really have to check their email? (As many times as it takes.!)

14-My HEAD is brimming with ideas for stories. That is why I decided to write. It beats talking to yourself OUTLOUD in stores. People look at you funny. No kidding.:)

15-I am afraid of HEIGHTS but I will ride a roller coaster for a thrill. Go figure.

16-I HATE doing the dishes! Honestly can't we just stop eating for a week so I can catch up? :) (It's not that bad but you get my point?)

17-Cell phones. Gotta love them. But sometimes PEOPLE HANG UP and drive! Enough said about that one.

18-Twitter. To twitter or NOT to twitter? I have mixed feelings. I have an account but I hardly ever post anything there. Facebook is where I post. Look for me in Facebook, OK? :)

19-Make-up! Defintely. Eye make up and lip gloss for sure. Definite essentials in every woman's life.

20- LAte night Comedy. It's funny. I've been known to watch Leno but honestly it's WAY PAST my bedttime.

21-Blog buttons. Gotta LOVE them. Still working on mine.

22- I LOVE vacations. Doesn't everybody? I just HATE packing and UN PACKING!

23-You tube. It's awesome and funny and IT HAS MORMON MESSAGES!

24- Manicures. Love a good manicure and pedicure. Takes me to my SPECIAL PLACE. . .

25-Favorite Holiday? Easter. Renewal of life and growth. And IT's not so STINKIN HOT yet.

26-Giveaways. Love them. But I hardly ever win.

27- Toilet Paper. I just can't live without T.P. Can you?

28- Ice cream! Always makes me happy. Any Flavor is right up my alley.

29-I LOVE my KING SIZE BED! Lots of room to roll around in bed and NO FEAR at all that you will FALL OUT!

30- Newspaper. Love it. Even though everybody gets their news onling these days I still read the paper.

31- I HATE it when the blankets are tucked in too TIGHT on my bed. Give my feet to move arounf PuLLLEEESE!

32-How I read the newspaper: Headlines, editorials, COMICS! YES!

33- I HATE CLEANING! Where's my maid when I need her?

34- Tag it entries in the BLOG WORLD! If they are interesting enough I will participate.

35- I like reading creative blog titles and headers. You ALL are so talented!

36- I love MomBabe's 5 BLOGGER LOVE LANGUAGES Everyone should read her. She is so funny.

37-I wear glasses. I like contacts better but I need to go to an eye dr. first to renew the proescription.

38- I am an avid Facebook user. It's a good way to connect, ya know?

39-I am NOT a blog stalker. If I like what I am reading I will usually follow. And if you update weekly or daily BONUS points for me! YES!

40- I like to comment on almost all blogs. I tend to read the funnier ones first and if you make me laugh, I give you a comment.

41- I think the MOMNERD is a great blog. Check her out!

42- I was unsure about blogging at first but now that I have been doing it for a while, I like the results.

43- I'm not athletic in the least.

44- Cloth or disposable diapers? The cloth diapers now are way CUTE but I will always use disposable. Potty-training is HARD enough.

45-I LOVE PAYLESS Shoe store! I just wish I had more money to buy more shoes.

46- I LOVE my family. I'm so lucky to have married such a wonderful man!

47- FRiday night pizza from Papa Murphy's. Any night where I get an excuse not to cook is a GOOD night.

48- Blog awards. Gotta love them. Can anybody just give those things out?

49= Saturday sleep in. I just wish the kids slept in longer at times.

50- LAST but certainly not least is HAVING as many friends as possible at any given time. It's fun to read what your REAL LIVE friends write but even better when you make "Bloggy" friends.

Thanks for reading. Now you know more about me whether you like it or not! :)


DaveandRuth said...

Alexes you are awesome! I love For Better or For Worse! It reminds me of my grandma (who passed away), because she was an avid follower. Keep up the good work. I am only on blog post 25.

Tara said...

WOW! It's so nice to "meet" you! ;O) came over from MMB!♥

Mama Nut said...

LOL -- we have a lot in common! Except, I don't think I could think up 50 things to say about myself...

Congrats on #50!

Debbie D said...

Congratulations on blog post 50! At the rate you're going, you'll surpass me in no time flat. It's always fun to learn something new about your friends, so I'm glad you chose to do this as your post. I hear you on Easter and the NOT SO HOT yet. Love the breezy spring weather. I think posting some of your favorite books is a good idea too.
Congratulations again, and happy blogging :)

kemra said...

You DO have a blog! You ought to display it in your profile! :)

oh and you and I have a lot in common. I especially HATE the dishes. :)

Insanity Kim said...

Great blog and great start for just getting up an running in January! Look forward to reading your posts and having fun with ya here in bloggy world!!

Let me know if you have any questions, I know a little about HTML and good places to promote your blog.

Have a great weekend!!

tori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JamericanSpice said...

Happy 50th saucy woman!

I love me so law and order SVU too! I get stuck in the marathons, but miss alot since the kids can't watch.

I'm not liking dishwashing either. It's like I' never wash them!!! One second my sink is clean and I just want time to pause to leave it like that for awhile!

I love your 44 about cloth diapers! I do want to use them but gosh potty training is indeed hard enough, why not get a little reward...kinda. lol

Celebrate you and your typing fingers woman :)

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