Friday, March 5, 2010

Get your freak on Friday--musically that is! (I found a new meme)

I think I might participate in 2 memes today. I have really enjoyed Follow Fridays so I'm for that but this Friday I am participating in Get your freak on Friday!

So without further ado, here's my dancing freak song for today! If you haven't entered my very FIRST giveaway go right ahead. What are you waiting for anyway? :)

And for you all you Friday followers listen to an oldie but goody in my book.
Guess what I'll be doing this Friday?
TGIF! It's here! Time to PART--TEE! Yahoo!
I'm doing a bloggy chair dance now! Don't YOU wish you could see me now? :)


Tracie said...

That is some classic dance music right there! I'm loving it!!

I already follow you and your awesomeness! =)

Dee said...

You totally need to vlog the Bloggy Chair Dance you're doing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I am here from FF, Please follow me back.

@Buttons and Bows

singedwingangel said...

Ahh take me back girl.. Back to my long straight blond hair in my bedroom with a box fan and an oscillating fan as myu microphone the box fan my keyboard of course.. Jamming to this and thinking I was the shiznit lol.
GEt down tonight... complete with the moves of the amazing talented KC

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

Following you from friday follow. Check out my blog at

tristan said...

what a great song!!! that's a funky beat right there. :)

Me-Me King said...

Look out! I'm your latest stalker!

Get down tonight,
Get down tonight.

Matty said...

It's Friday. It's freaky. I am NOT dancing on video. LOL

tatum810 said...

Following you from FF and have a great Friday..

Jen said...

New follow from Friday follow. Hope to see you drop in over @ A Penny Saved. Have a great weekend.

Jen @ A Penny Saved

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