Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Psst. I got YET another totally awesome offer for you people...

Guess What?

PR people are coming out of the woodworks for giveaways lately.
I've had the fabulous Planet 51 giveaway, the Mikarose giveaway AND NOW...
I am about to offer yet again, ANOTHER giveaway.
Except this time, I get to review the product and offer my fabulous opinion on it.

What am I offering you ask?

Well, well, well, I am glad you asked. CSN stores offered me a chance to review a product from their stores. There was some rules. I searched their website trying to look for the perfect giveaway item for review for my fabulous readers.

 I saw some terrific kids kids bedding and comforters.
Take a look. I'll wait.
Pretty neat-o huh?

Then I saw it. The perfect idea for a giveaway item. An educational game for the kiddos and fun for the adults too!

How many of our kids know the geography in the country that we live? Huh?
How many of us would like our kids to know about where we live? In an entertaining way?
That's what I thought.

Check this out! *Yup, that's right, click the word this.*

What do you think?
Pretty neat-o huh?

You are EXCITED now huh?

That's what I thought. Get ready, Cause the actual giveaway post is a-coming.
This is a post let you know what is in store.
I take care of my readers now, don't I?

All you have to now, if you are interested is leave me a comment telling my WHY it is so important for our kids to know the geography of the United States. Please leave me an email or Twitter name, so when the REAL-LIVE post/giveaway post goes up, you will be ready to comment, so YOU can win!!!

You might want to follow me on Twitter as well. Aquamarine76.

Thanks for watching and STAY tuned for MORE giveaways!!!

P.S. If CSN stores likes the way I handle reviews/giveaways they might approach me with more opportunities like this one. Fun, huh?

Tweet this one to the masses would ya?



DaveandRuth said...

Giveaways are fun! I hope you are well.

Morgan -Ing said...


AJ said...

They found me too! That's where my yoga mat is coming from! :)

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