Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday * not really though,'cause I don't know how to shut up.*

So yesterday I drew the winner of the Planet 51 giveaway.
I was so revved up about the post--recorded myself drawing the name and such I forgot Wordless Wednesday. Or in my case Wordful Wednesday. LOL.
Anyhoo, without further ado, here is my contribution to Wordless Wednesday---->

Mmm. Orange rolls. A perfect dessert to end dinner on.
Have a happy Wednesday!
Hump day! We made it Wednesday--Friday is just around the corner. Yippee!!!!


Ms Bibi said...

What are you doing to me, woman. I haven't eaten my breakfast yet. Now, you know it won't be anything healthy....that's a pretty much a guarantee,lol.

Dee said...

Does this mean we can look forward to another chair dance?

singedwingangel said...

OH wow I want some.. those look great.Hmm chair dance.. what song what song... Hey IT's raining MEn there ya go lol

Linda said...

Those look yummy. I have to go eat a cookie now.

Tracie said...

.......I will be checking my mailbox for some of those...because I know there is no way you would tease us with yummy pictures and not share! ;-)

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