Monday, March 1, 2010

Midnight Mingle for March 1, 2010

Just click on the button above and it will direct you to EightyMPHmom. K?
At least I am pretty sure it will.

Here I am at midnight doing the mingle for Monday. *sigh*
I am a such a Diehard fan of the mingling, can you tell?

African violet= i promised you a picture.

Now get out of here and go make a mingle! But please if you can drop me a comment!
Thanks! Remember this mingle was made at midnight so please don't hold me that responsible for things said or did. LOL.

Didn't my happy dance rock?


Dee said...

This is great! You're funny, and natural in front of the camera. I needed a smile this morning.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Do you have this on both of your sites?? Which site are you using?? Your confusing me!!

Lady V said...

Ur crazy! I'm so sleeping at midnight! ;)

singedwingangel said...

OH I love African violets except they don't love me.. I love to garden too and I love my garden boxes my hubby made for me out front that I fill up each spring.. EEEEK coke?? Seriously and Diet at that.. you are aware there is FORMALDEHYDE in that stuff right?? umm just chocolate for me works rofl.. gimme gimme gimme.. EEEK No coffee?? egads woman... I live off coffee lol but I do have herbal tea here when ya come visit me lol..hinthint I see road trip..
get the sleepytime tea from Celestial seasonings it helps ya sleep and is really good..

Helen said...

Omg, girl... no more Midnight Mingles, lol, you get crazy that late!

Also, those violets are gorgeous, I love how brightly colored they are. Like singedwingangel said, chocolate in any form is awesome... but have you tried the kind called Lindor? They have some that's like 70% percent cacao. Oh yeah :D

One Cluttered Brain said...

Vlogging Mama!
Check out this wordpress site if you can't seem to load this blog, K?

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Yes - Diet Coke rocks! But no milk chocolate? Have you gone mad woman?? LOL.

I am so stoked that Greg is back...I missed him so much. You weren't counting the weeks he was gone or anything were you? LOL.

Oh African Violets are wonderful - love them!

Thanks for mingling again! I think it's cool that you are a die hard mingler : )

MaryRC said...

your mingles are all fun... great happy dance..

pretty violets.. i have a brown thumb myself..

ill do diet coke in a no choice situation.

im so glad you didnt say cherokee indian.. LOL we mutts gotta stick together.

Nicole said...

I always love your mingles and will definitely head over to 'meet' Greg!!

African violets are gorgeous! Mmmmm, yes, coffee smells great!

The skating was great this year. I loved watching the pairs and the ice dancing best :-)

Have a great week!!

Matty said...

Yes on coke, yes on milk chocolate, yes for my wife on gardening but not for me, yes to the olympics, and yes to tea, no to coffee but yes to the aroma.

P.S. Nice happy dance.

AJ said...

I am all about diet coke!
Not a HUGE fan of milk chocolate, I am def. a bigger fan of dove dark chocolate!

I have enjoyed the olympics, but my hubby gets annoyed when I watch only the figure skating...

I am already going to start making ICED tea! My hubby is the gardener, but I have been out there 2 weekends in a row, making myself sore! :)
Great job!

ScrappinMichele said...

I really need to get a backdrop. Everyone has these fancy backdrops and I just sit in my office.

Loved your happy dance!!!

I need some of the "sick" tea at my house this week. Lots of sickies here.

Maybe it should be called Midnight Mingle. We'd all have a bunch of really silly vids.

Mandy said...

I love the little fishy background. ;) And the singing and the dancing - you had a lively mingle for so late at night! lol

I'm a dark chocolate lover too, along with a coke girl, and a mutt! I'll go check the mingle from Greg now!

Jendi said...

Why didn't I say American!?! I'm such a doofus.

Editing is addicting! I feel your pain.

See ya around.

JamericanSpice said...

Congrats on your first giveaway girl!

And I found you on twitter and now following!

It's midnight! Well I can't complain. I'm usually up 'til 3am!

My mingles take 2 or so hrs to upload! hate it!

I'm trying gardening this year....I'm worried I'll murder more plants.

I love the smell of coffee too. The taste. no.

You are making me laugh you are so fun!
I love that song. I'm proud to be an American...we'll put a bullet in your... :)

So glad to see you again and I must go check out Greg. lol you better not fall asleep standing up because trust me that can happen!

Enjoy the week!

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